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  1. Rad


    Hello, I am a small youtuber looking to make friends with other youtubers and do some collab videos together to help each others channels grow. I just posted a christmas video, It would be fun to collab for another christmas video.
  2. Mark Stise

    Posting videos on Social Media...

    Hello Everybody!!! Well I've been part of this site for a couple of weeks now and I must say there is a lot of things on here I have learned. One of which is: In order to grow my channel I going to need to promote my videos! So given the fact that I am on Facebook most of the time and I have...
  3. SmokeySpace

    Channels that Upload other People's Videos? (Like BCC Trolling)

    Looking for places that I can enter my video and they might upload it. BCC Trolling is the only one I know of but I don't do trolling videos, but I do gaming videos, mainly funny moments. If you know of any please tell me it will help me out a ton :D -SmokeySpace
  4. O

    How to prevent videos from loosing views???

    Hi Guys :) So I have been youtubing for about a year in total and last year I lost motivation due to the opportunities of how much you could actually earn but despite I was inactive for about half a year or more my channel still kept bringing in subscribers and views (about 25-50 per day) it...
  5. SeanFace101

    Does links to my video from other videos (high rated) videos help mine?

    Does having links linking to my video from other high authority / high rated videos improve the rating / rank or my video? :unsure: Either link to my video from other video descriptions and/or links from on the video (annotations, cards, etc..). :P
  6. MrPRinson

    Looking for video marketing Company!

    need help finding "the one" :D need all the help you can give me. I am low on budget tyyyyyyyyyyy
  7. MVP Border Collie

    Get Channel Noticed

    What is a good way in order to get your channel noticed on YouTube? I have a few videos, however I'm not too sure on how to get those videos out to the public so people can see them. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me some sort of ways or even websites that could get my channel...
  8. SeanFace101

    There Is A Google Ad In My Video! (There shouldnt be)

    So I clicked on one of my videos just there to get the link for it so I could share it and wen the video was playing I noticed that a Google Ad came up through it in the video. But y is this if I don't have ads turned on for my channel as my monetization is disable / not allowed. Any know?
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