There Is A Google Ad In My Video! (There shouldnt be)


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So I clicked on one of my videos just there to get the link for it so I could share it and wen the video was playing I noticed that a Google Ad came up through it in the video. But y is this if I don't have ads turned on for my channel as my monetization is disable / not allowed. Any know?
Is there any content ID match for it? Sometimes, when there is, the claimant will monetize your video automatically and take whatever ad revenue the video makes (well, now it's going to a pot that the person who wins the dispute of this claim gets).
I can't tell if it was content ID'd. It'll show in the video manager showing all of your videos. There'll be a blue text link saying "content ID blah blah blah". Something along those lines.
Yeah when I look in my Video Manager area and scroll down to the video, its says "Includes copyrighted content" next to it :p Then when I click on that text link I says this...

Ads might appear on your video.

Copyrighted content was found in your video.
The claimant is allowing their content to be used in your YouTube video. However, ads might appear on it.

Viewing restrictions
  • Unavailable on some devices
    Your video can't be played on some devices. This can include mobile phones, video game consoles or set-top boxes.
  • Monetised by claimant
    You can use the copyrighted content in your video, but ads might appear on your video.
If you agree with these conditions, you don't have to do anything.

nah, I scrolled down a bit and seen the actual thing that is copyrighted so they are correct as it is their song I used :p Everybody's On The Run - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Claimant Is: [Merlin] Ignition, UMG On behalf of: Sour Mash Records :p Then says Monetised by copyright owner :p