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Oct 11, 2015
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Send me a request in the following format and I'll email an instrumental free of charge for the whole song. If you shout me out or link to my website that would be awesome. :woot2: If you don't feel like it's worth your time just ask me to make something and give me a tempo range to work with. (90-120 BPM is a lot different than 160 - 180 BPM)

Currently running a beat machine and keyboard to do music.

The song I make for you will probably be posted on my website. If you complete the FORMAT FOR CUSTOM WORK then you will be mentioned as an arranger of the song. This means we share the credit for the song. :dance:

------------------------------------------ FORMAT FOR CUSTOM WORK -----------------------------------------------
Email: This will only be used to send the song to you, if no email then leave blank and I'll msg you here with a link to the download site.

Channel Name : You don't have to but it helps.

Duration of arrangement (loop): This will be from 3 - 30 seconds max. It's how much original material you want me to produce before repeating ("loop") the composition.

Desired length (song): It's sometimes 20 seconds and other times 2 and a half minutes. This is where you let me know if you'd like two copies, one short and one lengthy.

Your video type : Be specific or let me know what's going on in the video. I don't want to make anything irrelevant.

The 'feel' you want (avoid generic): Do you want it to be fast and edgy or slow and vibing? I prefer "feel" over genre because feelings are much better definitions here

And that's it, if anything else just let me know. It will take a week or two weeks max to send the beat out but if you get a hold of me by my email first : , I'll rework my priorities.
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