1. Gabriel El Mesnajero

    Rate my video/ Music! *New Guy/First Feedback Post*

    Free Dark Hip Hop Beat hey guys this is actully my first time posting on here. im a msuic producer with 2 kids.. run 3 stores during the day and producer at night. into gaming (console and PC!) anyways get to the point here lol first video upload in a while but first time getting feedback on...
  2. Silent Jay

    Music *Mystery | New Banger / Trap Instrumental Free Prod By.Silent Jay

    Thanks For Your Support!!
  3. official118

    I'm an aspiring music producer and would love feedback!

    I'm an aspiring music producer that tailors to hip hop and trap. It would be cool to get feedback on my progress! Let me know if you got any music you need me to review as well!
  4. D-Red Beatz Games

    100 Sub Marker For Beat Channel

    Man was it tough though! Switched my page from a gaming channel to just beats after I learned new techniques to making my music better and decided to go all out on uploading beats to my page weekly for 4 months straight i believe...idk lol time flies! but i hope that if i keep this up i will be...
  5. Ray Kira

    Music looking for music producers, song masters, and singers

    hey artists! I'm RayKira a song master and singer. I want to start make songs PROFESSIONALLY so, please if you are not professional enough to start working don't reply this post. I am willing to make something like Ed-Sheeran songs or maybe better so, you can email me if you are : singer \...
  6. H

    21 Savage x Metro Boomin Type Beat "No Heart"

  7. Monatcer

    Music Free Beats And Music to Use (For Rap Or in Background or .....)

    Hey Guys I Make Hip Hop Beats On My Channel . You Can Check Them Out They Are Free To Use And Please Give Some Support And Let Me Know That You Supported Me Channel Name: MTCBeatz
  8. aromamob

    Music Looking for collabs

    Hi, everyone! This is my first time and post on this forum. I am a young producer, rapper, and songwriter. I try to make a name in this industry, but it is kinda hard. My youtube channel has loads of beats, (the newest ones are the best) and some songs from my mixtapes that I produced, wrote and...
  9. Benau

    Please give feedback on my new song: Versus [Future/Bass]

    Hey there everyone! Benau here. I just released my song versus on my channel, its been on YouTube before though. Could you guys give me some feedback? Thanks! - Benau
  10. Jonatan Moser

    Music Can you create an epic remix of my music?

    Hi there folks :-) I do various kinds of cover songs, that I interpret in my own ways... And I would really love it if anyone would want to try and remix one or two of them! This would mainly be for entertainment, and really just for the fun of it :-) If you are able to make an epic remix, and...
  11. Mg-Marteen

    Started a Music Channel... What Do You Think?

    :help: I just released my first song yesterday with very little success and I have never made a music channel before. Any feedback on how it looks or if its enjoyable? :confused: Any feedback would be appreciated ;)
  12. Brandon Maroney


  13. AlexGotBeats

    ''On My Way'' [Prod. by Alex Got Beats]

    Fresh beat called ''On My Way'' [Prod. by Alex Got Beats]
  14. AlexGotBeats

    Chris Brown type beat

    Wanted to make something summer-ish so i made this Chris Brown type beat
  15. AlexGotBeats

    My new panty dropper

    So i listened to Bryson Tiller's whole album and decided to make a beat. Heres how it turned out. If you actually clicked on video and checked, thank you i appreciate it and i hope it wasn't a waste of your time.
  16. Thisizhabib

    Music Down For Any Collab

    Hey ! I'm Just new Here , But Anyway I'm Tryin To Make Some Distance collaborations ! I'm a Producer , Audio Engineer & I Can Do All Stuffs Here ! You Can Check my Work Down And For Inquires Just Mail Me At
  17. Richi3Musics

    Services [Cheap] Experienced composer for hire

    Need some custom background music? I'm your guy! From heart-wrenching piano pieces. To fun electro pop melodies. I can make a quality backing track that will add more character to your brand. I have recently been working with a lot of indie game devlopers. You can listen to that wheel here...
  18. Mike Moonnight

    Music Looking for Latin Music Collab

    Im a Dj & Producer from France and im looking for artists and channels targeted to latin music for a collaboration Please feel free to contact me and i will answer as quickly as possible
  19. JEJ

    Let it Go Cover (James Bay)- Jej Millanes (looking for future COLLAB)

    Hi guys! I'm new to this community and I'm an aspiring youtuber. Please check out my cover of Let it Go by James Bay and let me know what you think! P.S. I live in the LA area and I'm looking for future collaborations with producers, vocalists, songwriters, filmmakers, and instrumentalists...
  20. BrunosWorld

    50 subs! Weekly updates!

    Youtube obviously takes hard work to get these subscribers! I love making videos and there's people with millions of subscribers out there and 50 seems like a huge achievement so yeah haha. I love making and editing my videos, people find it weird wen i whip out my camera lol, and start filming...
  21. Daaave

    Other Long Term Producer/Networker Needed

    Hey Guys, I hope you're all having a Merry Christmas! I've been making videos for a few months now, and at first I wasn't sure if I was going to continue, put the support I've got from the friends/family/subscribers in the last months has really motivated me to continue, and it is quickly...
  22. Brick Order

    Services Freebies: TL;DR Request royalty-free beats

    Send me a request in the following format and I'll email an instrumental free of charge for the whole song. If you shout me out or link to my website that would be awesome. :woot2: If you don't feel like it's worth your time just ask me to make something and give me a tempo range to work with...