1. L

    Other Searching for creators who wants to review product

    Hey! Are interested in web design? Do you know what does template, theme, WordPress mean? Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss everything.
  2. 3kidstv

    Kids At Night Fun Fair Theme Park

    Thanks for watching, subscribe and like! Thanks
  3. Baylze

    Should I Use Thumbnail Templates?

    Hey, I have a gaming channel, and this is my current thumbnail design: I kind of went with a really vibrant, colourful theme, and tried to incorporate the following stuff: Large, cartoon text in clear colours A render (character, usually) from the game I'm playing Background of the thumbnail...
  4. L

    Changing the ugly purple theme that shows up on my channel on phones

    Hey! I can't seem to figure out how to change it so theres no coloured theme when you view my channel on certain phones. Thanks for your time!
  5. Zhracolichian Studios

    Request My intro, possible music remake?

    I'm not one to ask, but in my most recent videos, i am looking to get the intro music remixed, preferably with a rock or heavy metal remake. I doubt it is possible. But if anyone can do anything like that, i would be really appreciative! Just watch my most recent replays or whatnot to get a feel...
  6. mTAoMM

    I Need Help with My Channel Design

    You know when you look at many channels big or small and they seem to have a style for their channel all figured out. Well, I don't. Obviously, not everyone started out with one, but I'm just to the point where I would like to find mine. the problem is that I can't figure out what my channel...
  7. Oliver Eaton

    Request I need someone to design an updated channel art for my channel. [No Payment]

    Hello YT, Oliver here. Im new to this site as I was recommended by another YouTuber to use this site to ask. What I want is a new banner for my channel art that features my YouTube accounts name (Oliver Eaton) and has a nice friendly looking design.
  8. Brick Order

    Services Freebies: TL;DR Request royalty-free beats

    Send me a request in the following format and I'll email an instrumental free of charge for the whole song. If you shout me out or link to my website that would be awesome. :woot2: If you don't feel like it's worth your time just ask me to make something and give me a tempo range to work with...