1. P

    Music A new piano cover channel

    HI, I want to show You my new channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAM_K_z4nIfpqpuuIYCHKlA
  2. MusicMike512

    Music Looking for a female vocalist/singer who'd like to collaborate

    Hey there! I'm interested in working on a ballad style, piano/vocal duet. If you're interested, please send me a message and I'll fill you in on more details! Thanks! :3
  3. Nicholas Bridgman

    Music Free relaxing music for your videos

    I am a pianist/composer looking to collaborate and have my music featured for free in YouTubers' videos. I write mostly jazz, although I have written a couple classical pieces too, as I am a classically trained pianist. My pieces are energetic and appealing, yet also relaxing and peaceful. I...
  4. KayThePianist

    Music Lyrical Album Collab. Soprano wanted!

    Hello guys! I am KayThePianist a professional Youtube musician. I'm working on a classical collab featuring many musicians. I'm looking for a professional soprano singer for the Queen of the night's aria by Mozart After I complete this album, I will upload on major music platform and I will set...
  5. DcapoMedia

    New Video Game Music Channel - Covers and Originals Weekly

    Hey all, my name is Daniel and I'm an avid gamer, music composer, sound designer and pianist. Recently I started a YouTube channel where I cover video game music and post original video game music on a weekly basis. Currently my most popular video is a cover from the Classic jrpg Chrono...
  6. A

    Music NEED A SINGER! I wanna make music covers...

    Hello there! I am a pianist and I am gonna start to make music covers. so I need a singer... a good one! reply if interested. thnx
  7. PianoPig

    Hit my first milestone.... 100 subs!!

    So I've been releasing videos teaching piano for around 5 months now and finally hit 100 subs today! So happy! Can anyone tell me if this is about an average time to reach 100 subs, or is it slow/fast? Next milestone is 200 subs :) Thanks!
  8. Ostil

    Music Looking for Violinist for Piano/Violin Collab!

    Hi music makers! I'm looking for a violinist who can help me out with a cover I'm trying to finish. I'm a pianist that usually does unique video game covers. You can check out my channel to see my style and collabs I've done with other talented internet people. The song I need help with is...
  9. Larya

    Chicken Scream meets Piano! New game/music series

    Hi everyone! Today we started a new series in which we involve our passion for music into our gaming channel! We've been thinking for a while what can we do to combine both and came up with this! Chicken Scream is a new crazy viral game, where you get to control a chicken with your voice! We...
  10. Paul Bang

    John Mayer - Stop This Train (Piano Cover)

    John Mayer is an artist who I always heard of as being talented, but I have actually not heard his music until four years ago when I had to play Stop This Train for some choir girl in high school. Since then, this became one of my favorite songs of all time! I especially love the lyric and how...
  11. V

    Music Pianist and Guitarist needed

    My cousin and I are wanting to sing an acoustic cover of Todrick Hall's Haterz and we would like to incorporate some others into it as well. We need a piano soundtrack and a guitar soundtrack. A shout out will be at the end of the video and link in the description of the video :) ~Email me if...
  12. Michael Maiber

    Music I play the Piano. You can sing. Let's collaborate!

    Hey there, as the title says, I play the Piano and I'm looking for a singer or singeress to collaborate with. So far I mainly did Covers of Soundtracks by Ludovico Einaudi and Yann Tiersen. But I want to expand my portfolio now and try some new genres like Pop or RnB. I'm really open for all...
  13. J

    Feedback on piano video

    Hello all, I would like to have some feedback about my a piano video. In fact, I would like to make my next videos as pleasant as possible for viewers, and this is why I need your opinion. I would like to know what you think about everything, the audio, the video anything that disturbs you so...
  14. Elaine Yu

    Review my piano channel please?

    Hi everyone, This is my channel: http://www.youtube.com/elainemusic369 I'm trying to build up my subscribers at the moment. Any suggestions on what to improve? Do I need to post longer videos? Will they help? Thank you, Elaine
  15. Monolith Music And Games

    Check out the first song I've ever written on piano!!!

    The very first song I've ever written on piano; an instrument I only know the basics of and play probably once a year. I just randomly got the urge and the creative energy to make this song and I hope you enjoy it :)
  16. Elaine Yu

    Music Anyone good at singing punk rock/grunge (collab)?

    I'm thinking of doing a Nirvana or Green Day piano cover, I'll choose the song in a couple months time. Just wondering if anyone has a good punk rock/grunge sound that wants to collab?
  17. Elaine Yu

    Music Any drummers here for collab?

    Hi, I'm Elaine Yu and I play the piano. I currently have 233 subs and I'm thinking of doing a collab with a drummer and a different singer. I'm waiting for Green Day's Revolution Radio album to be released and then I'll see if I can pick out a song from there. If not, I'll choose a different...
  18. Maarij Bashir

    Feedback for my video

  19. Alfred

    Music Looking for collab

    Hi, my name is Alfred and I'm currently looking for someone to cross promote with. I do covers usually acoustic / Singer & songwriter. Hit me up if you're interested.
  20. Thulium

    Someone stole my music on YouTube and is selling it online.

    Hello everybody, Since many years I am happily monetising my videos on YouTube, most of them are my personal piano performances of famous piano pieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky etc. Since the beginning of this month, I got some copyright claims from a company named EmpireDi, which...
  21. BrandonJMusic

    Hey guys, I'd love some input from you!

    I'm starting a hybrid original music/lessons channel, and I need some outside eyes to be critical of my stuff. As of now, I only have piano lessons up, but ill eventually branch out to voice, guitar and production... But what I would like to know now is how am I doing so far? What changes can...
  22. C

    Piano Requests Monday Evening

    Greetings y'all. Tomorrow (monday) evening at 8pm I am gonna take live requests for things to play on the piano. No I am not gonna stream it but use another handy site for it! Feel free to join in at 8pm (USD +1) It will be my pleasure to play for you!WE ARE LIVE! JOIN NOW...
  23. Brick Order

    Services Freebies: TL;DR Request royalty-free beats

    Send me a request in the following format and I'll email an instrumental free of charge for the whole song. If you shout me out or link to my website that would be awesome. :woot2: If you don't feel like it's worth your time just ask me to make something and give me a tempo range to work with...