John Mayer - Stop This Train (Piano Cover)

Paul Bang

New Member

John Mayer is an artist who I always heard of as being talented, but I have actually not heard his music until four years ago when I had to play Stop This Train for some choir girl in high school. Since then, this became one of my favorite songs of all time! I especially love the lyric and how he clearly identifies himself in the lyric ("John, honestly, we will never stop this train.")

I always heard, in small crowd, that I was pretty good at playing piano - but I want to get out of the small world. Is this actually "good" as other fellows in my school/church say? I don't know if I have decent skills to even "succeed" on a grand scheme; there are guys like Kyle Landry who is on the forefront of piano audience of Youtube (I love Kyle Landry btw - this is not meant to lash on him!)

Anyways, enjoy! Please comment on what you thought this video needs!