Free Android editing apps, I need one I can crop my videos with.


So I REALLY NEED an app that can crop videos on Android, there are some on the play store but there all b.s or take too long to crop the video. OR an app that allows you to take off a watermark from a video. I didnt mind the watermark but it takes up more screen than id like it too. Please help!
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You can use "VidTrim" or 'AndroVid" they are very good android video editors and they are free.

as for removing watermark, i don't advice you to do that because you will get a copyright strike, and then your video will be removed and your account might be banned.
Ok thank you :) I will try them out as for removing the watermark I might just leave it there or just pay a few dollars to remove it if it bothers me that much. Thank you again for your help :)