1. Thelazysideoflife

    Can't put a watermark

    Hi! I have been trying to add a watermark in my videos so viewers can subscribe more easily but after following all the steps mine doesn't appear... I have made sure that the background of the watermark is transparent and that I am logged in when updating the watermark. I have also tried to see...
  2. UnilateralDagger

    Watermarks - How To Use Them

    Alright. I see two major ways that people use watermarks. The first way is by taking your profile pic and dropping it into the Branding feature for your watermark (You should first make it a PNG and then make the background transparent. Not necessary, still effective either way). The second...
  3. Hiper115

    Request Need intro,outro,music for both,banner and channel icon (money depends on quality)

    Hello, everyone! As the title says, I need an intro, outro, music for both, banner and channel icon! I would prefer it to be for free, but if it's the most amazing thing I've ever seen, then we can talk about payments. On my channel I do gaming and my channel name is spelt Hiper but pronounced...
  4. P

    Can I disable annotations/watermark from showing on one upload?

    But still be visible on the rest of my videos. Basically is there anyway for this particular video to have annotations automatically disabled for the audience? Thanks in advance for any replies!
  5. AM2PM

    Subscribe watermark doesn't seem to work

    Hey guys, I have a subscribe watermark on my channel and it sort of works. When I mouse over it something pops up. But I don't see the subscribe button. I just had a thought that I might not see it because I am me and not some other person who isn't the owner of the video. Or it's broken. Does...
  6. Adelle

    Free Game Capture Recorder?

    Hello everyone! I'd like to ask about free recording software that supports things like game capture. At the moment, I use a software that indeed does screen capture. But when it comes to games I want to play like Skyrim, League of Legends, Sims 4 and etc.. It doesn't record it. I would also...
  7. Rolz


    Hi guys,do you know how I get that watermark/kind of overlay of my channel logo to appear in my videos in the bottom right like some YouTubers have? Thank you
  8. V

    How to watermark picture?

  9. nyah sky

    How to make a watermark in the corner of your video?!?!

    So I created a watermark for my videos but i can't get rid of the background. How do I create it to where just my Nyah Sky logo shows up and not the grey background??
  10. abhinavguptaonline

    Services Watermark Image - Free To Use (I made this in Inkscape)

    Hey all, I made a YouTube subscribe style watermark image. Just something simple with the word subscribe on it below the YouTube logo. Here is the 800x800 PNG file and Inkscape SVG File (It's in the Zip) I made. Just thought I'd share with the community :) Thanks for your support, please...
  11. O

    WaterMark question

    I want to use start using a WaterMark in my videos to prevent people from stealing certain videos. If I put the Watermark at the beginning of the video for the first 5-7 seconds Is that good enough or should it be on the whole video? YouTube has a way to add a built in Watermark but it isn't...
  12. P

    Free Android editing apps, I need one I can crop my videos with.

    So I REALLY NEED an app that can crop videos on Android, there are some on the play store but there all b.s or take too long to crop the video. OR an app that allows you to take off a watermark from a video. I didnt mind the watermark but it takes up more screen than id like it too. Please help!
  13. DeathByVlog

    How do I get this Subscribe button?

    I have noticed this specific subscribe button on other videos before. When you hover over the user's YT watermark it pops up a subscribe button. I can't seem to find out how to do this. My water mark only pops up the amount of subscribers I have and links to my channel homepage. I would like to...
  14. J

    How do I specify the duration of a watermark?

    I am trying to figure out how to have my watermark (and therefore a subscribe button) appear across all of my videos in my channel but only for the first 15 seconds of the videos. This video shows what I am trying to do: youtube.com/watch?v=VbNnrvPi6KY. You will notice that the watermark...