WaterMark question


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I want to use start using a WaterMark in my videos to prevent people from stealing certain videos. If I put the Watermark at the beginning of the video for the first 5-7 seconds Is that good enough or should it be on the whole video?

YouTube has a way to add a built in Watermark but it isn't embedded in the video like It would be if I put in myself before I uploaded.

Another option.

Could I just use an intro graphic that's 3 seconds before the video starts?

Just trying to figure out what makes sense to prove to YouTube I own the videos
Hmm why not both? Show off your smexy intro to the world and slap that watermark logo on your video's butt to mark your territory, yeehaw.
Sometimes having a watermark is good and it makes your videos look more proffesional. BUT that's kind of a thing for the channels like IGN, Machinima... where work a lot of people. Personally, i haven't seen "one man channel" to have watermark for the whole video but... yea... fk the stereotypes... be the first one if you want. Don't afraid to make a decision, bro!