1. S

    Vlog Video compression and converter app

    I have used this app for more than 6 months and I still do. I've used free software for a long time before, but I haven't found one as good as Compress. It has a good UX / UI design, ease of compression, you can choose quality or speed, you can drag the files to the app and compress several...
  2. PopsLetsPlay

    Please Watch (Everyone born in '70s or earlier)

    I seen this video by LinusTechTips and I just had to share it. One point I definitely agree with, is when you ask where a place is and you get this long long quest of knowledge of what you will see and what streets you will see. All i need is an address so i can put it into google maps! lol
  3. Edoziethe1and0nly

    Need advice for script planning for tech video

    I am trying to start a series of app review videos and I'd love to hear advice or opinions from anyone as to how to plan the videos.
  4. Samantha McLean

    Three cool unknown apps you will love!!!

    Check out these three cool apps you might never have heard about but will absolutely love!!!
  5. 10ACITY

    I can't post in 1080p...

    I bought an app on my phone to edit videos because syncing music with dancing is painfully annoying espcially with a temperamental application such as Windows Movie Maker. The app I got can film and sync music all in one go so I don't even need to do any music editing. I would use the free...
  6. Jeliu Mihai Bogdan

    Review - Android apps and games channel

    Hello! I'm posting to request some feedback for my channel in general. By this, I mean my banner, intro etc. Any and all feedback is welcome and will almost probably definitely help my channel out! :D Thanks for reading, Link here
  7. Nathan Mern

    Still New

    Hey, I am still new to this whole YTTalk experience. I was wondering if there was a YTTalk App on your iPhone.
  8. xandru8

    Does anyone use the EPOXY app ?

    Good day gents, I was wondering if anyone is using the EPOXY app. It looks nice and tidy, and you can have 4 major spaces in one and reply faster but is there more then just reply and just post pictures ? If anyone has some experience I would be really thankful if you would share it with me...
  9. Opensource Channel UK

    Other hi could any one help?

    Hi all I do not know if you could help but I am looking for small businesses that would let me video what they do for my channel. I am searching for: Computer building Web design Mobile app design Hosting company But they must be located in Cardiff wales or few miles away. Any help is...
  10. P

    Free Android editing apps, I need one I can crop my videos with.

    So I REALLY NEED an app that can crop videos on Android, there are some on the play store but there all b.s or take too long to crop the video. OR an app that allows you to take off a watermark from a video. I didnt mind the watermark but it takes up more screen than id like it too. Please help!
  11. Moses Minchuk

    Fastest way to root your android device!