Do You Follow A Upload Schedule?

Man I always have a problem keeping to a schedule. I try to upload once a week, but most of the time its once every two or three weeks. I'm just really busy, and I don't want to make a video just for the sake of uploading, I want it to have meaning and stuff. I'm trying to make more content more regularly, but I do have a busy life so I can't always stick to what I want to do. This is probably the biggest downfall of my channel y'know haha
I'd very much like to have a consistent upload schedule but I need to juggle my free time between work and family matters so it's practically impossible :)
No and i think i will never have one. I'm an "artist", we all are . And i don't want a schedule to limit my creativity. I dont want to make a new beat or something in a hurry just because i need something in 2 hours. I do what i want to do when i want and usually that are the things that im totaly happy with. I don't want to upload something just because i have to, but because i like it and want to share it :)