Do You Follow A Upload Schedule?

I generally don't have a schedule at the moment because of having to finish backing up my music and such, but I'm uploading at least once a day or once every few days. A lot of times, if I make a video and have it ready to upload, it won't go up for days sometimes. And sometimes, depending on certain factors, it gets uploaded almost immediately. I sometimes procrastinate on uploads because of being lazy or I'm very stressed out at the time, etc. Once I get everything together, I'll start having an actual schedule going on my channel. If something happens like in your example, I'd wait until that Friday to upload the video, since your schedule says it's that day. If you feel like uploading it in the moment, that's fine too, but I'd stick to the schedule just to keep organized, consistent, and persistent.
Yeah you are right, I will probably do a lot of videos and have them all ready that way I can upload them on the days, but yeah i think everyone has lazy days Ha!
My schedule - for both channels - is as follows (right now, will change for iGM talks after TWD finishes this year and for IGravemind after my Walking Dead Game Film series ends):

IGravemind - Gaming Channel
Mondays - The Walking Dead Game Film
Thursdays - Gameplay, usually a CSGO video.
I aim to upload at the very minimum one video a week to my gaming channel.

iGM Talks - Vlog/Film Analysis/Review Channel
Mondays - Walking Dead Weekly Episode Review
Tuesday - Vlog Slot (not every week, only some weeks)
Thursdays - Primary Special Video Slot (Small Talk, Recap, Throwback review, Film Analysis)
Friday - Vlog Spot (not every week, only some weeks)
Saturday - Secondary Special Video Slot (not every week, only some weeks)
Sundays - Graded Unit Short Film Production Vlog (weekly)
Sundays - Star Wars Fan Film Production Vlog (usually two week intervals between episodes)
I think a schedule would be my death because only when I'm at home and my roommate isn't do I feel comfortable recording my stuff, haha.

In general though I wouldn't want to follow a schedule, same reason I wouldn't want to make music for a living. Time pressure might ignite a creative spark but you're screwed when it doesn't. For a good discussion video I need something that I feel I have something interesting to say about first, what if that isn't there? I'd either have to spend an abnormal amount of time playing through a game or researching a topic that otherwise would come naturally over time just so I can crank out a video regularly.
Currently, Mines every Monday 1pm AEST! The day has changed for various reasons over the life of my channel! I've uploaded to a schedule ever since I started making videos almost 2 years ago. I've only ever missed 3 weeks, and those were due to my own health reasons! For me having the deadline means I'll actually work on it as apposed to leaving it till the last second (unlike my University work).
I try and upload every Sunday, but that's occasionally difficult to keep up with because of my illness or having too much to do for school. It looks like I'm going to have to miss this week because I'm too tired to edit.
I try to stick to a schedule, i like to upload every 1-2 days. I like to keep my content fresh and interesting.
I try to upload two videos per week at least, one around Wednesday and other on Sunday. Since I onl have one computer and I use it for work and college and everything, basically, sometimes I cannot leave it reenderizing a video until I am done with everything else so it makes things tough. So my schedule it's two per week, and I hope one day I can have a fixed schedule so people will know when to look for my new content.