when to upload

  1. Niels Cornelissen

    When to upload?

    Hello everyone! I was wondering how you guys decide when to upload (and when not to upload). We have recently gained the feature of 'planning in' videos, but we are not sure how to use that efficiently. So, if you guys follow any schedual at all, how did you get to it?
  2. P

    When to Post

    Hey, does anyone know an app or something that can help me with posting time?
  3. GooberVlogs

    Do You Follow A Upload Schedule?

    Wazzzup Yttalkers =) Do you guys follow a upload schedule? Do you ever miss a day or two? I like to upload on Mondays and Fridays but sometimes I will get lazy due to work and upload it on another day or sometimes. I will make a video but have to edit it first before I upload to public. FOR...