Do you ever use clickbait!? (Gone Wrong)

I don't think so as I never gotten a comment about being "clickbaity". I know a lot of YouTubers do it, but I end up taking any type of click-bait title with a grain of salt nowadays. They rarely live up to their epic description in picture form.
I made a video once and called it "the greatest game shop NOT in Akihabara" which was true and the point of the video was to show places just like that, but without any tourists in the way. It's now Got 10 tags or so that rank. I was worried people would say I'm misleading but the moments have been kind saying it's actually worth watching.
I simply don't even bother watching videos engaging in ridiculous capitalization and adjective-cramming. I can understand caps locking a single word, but even then I find that really tacky and off-putting compared to a regular proper(ish) title.

From my own viewing experiences, I'm far less likely to enjoy the content of somebody who tries to perform that manner of naming as well, so yeah, I definitely won't be watching anything with the word "EPIC" in it. Don't have time to waste on that.

And I perceive titles in all caps the same way I perceive comments on facebook or forums made in all caps.
Honestly I think 'clcibait' is only clickbait if it's false advertisement, from what I can see, capitalising some words of adding something extra to a title can increase it's viewership, it's not lying, it's not tricking people into watching your video, so there is nothing wrong with it!
Honestly, It's pretty hard to get any kind of attention, so be as dramatic as you like, just don't lie!
To me, I think that the use of clickbait titles just makes everybody less likely to believe any of the titles on YouTube. It becomes exhausting when every article is "YOU WON'T BELIEVE" and every YouTube video is trying to make the person in front of the camera really interesting, and you know what? People are interesting without having to resort to trickery or exaggeration. One of the most wonderful things about YouTube, in the early years, was being able to see how people from around the world lived and did things without having to be all, "OMG! MY CRAZY LIFE!!!!" about it.

Don't sell yourself short for a couple extra lousy views. Rise above that, because all it does is bring the level of interaction down across the board.
I unintentionally included a clickbait when I was making a title post on reddit for my music mashup video. I even double check everything on the subreddit rules so I shrugged it off. And then I figured, sometimes you can't avoid the fact that people are subjective and they interpret things differently. So it's sometimes inevitable to run into a small demographic that felt that your video title was a clickbait.