1. D

    Need help / Youtube Descriptions, Tags & Metadata

    So I did the worst thing I could've done for my channel. That is changing the video descriptions from all of my videos. That got me from even 3k views per hour to now under 100 views per hour; and from 100 subs per day to not even 5 a day. ADVICE: DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID. So my...
  2. M

    Translations of descriptions, titles and tags - problem

    Hi, I have a short question-I'm from the Czech Republic. About a month ago, I focused on English-speaking people. I'm also writing tags in English, translating subtitles, descriptions, tiitles etc. Now, I've been downgraded views to 90% from USA and England, Australia etc.... How is it possible...
  3. M

    Vlog channel - tittle, description and tags translation?

    Hello, I'm filming videos of my family life. Does it make sense to translate tiitle, descriptions and labels for other countries? Thank you :)))
  4. A

    Description of Playlist

    Hey guys, do you add descriptions to all of your playlists? And how long should it be? How many words?
  5. SeanFace101

    Does "lol" and other stuff harm video results?

    Does having things like "LOL" and other stuff in the video title and / or description help or harm the video results? Does you tube like this sort of sort hand writing in video titles / description? :P
  6. PhoenixAnimus

    Do you read the descriptions

    So from my own experiences my subs and people I see on big channels don't read the description people put up, and I just feel like more and more people are ignoring the description, and will just straight up ask a question that the person has CLEARLY stated is in the description whether it be an...
  7. SeanFace101

    Hows Can Descritions Be Improved To Rank Videos Higher?

    So iv recently learned that the description for your videos has just as much of a role in helping your video rank high as other things do such as tags, title, etc.. :P So I was wondering in what ways can video descriptions be improved to help get better results?
  8. SeanFace101

    Can Old Videos With Low Views Get Ranked High Now?

    I was wondering if it is possible for old videos that have been uploaded years ago and never did get a lot of views (below 100), can they still get ranked high now if the tags are updated, better title, descriptions, etc..? Will it be harder for them too rank high now because they haven't for so...
  9. SeanFace101

    Links in Descriptions... Good Number of Clicks?

    Do you think that links in video descriptions get decent amount of clicks? or do you think people don't see them much and/or ignore them? :P Talking about both links to other YouTube videos and/or other websites? :P
  10. EdgarsToySurprise

    Title/Description/Tag Feedback Please.

    So I posted a new video today, and I cannot get it to rank on any of the keywords I targeted (Shopkins Blind Basket). Tag Buddy gives a Keyword Score of 83/100 with the Search Volume as Very High and Competition Low. This includes on weekly/monthly filters. Can someone illuminate what I'm doing...
  11. AuthorFilms Studios

    Do you ever use clickbait!? (Gone Wrong)

    Have you ever used (non misleading) clickbait in your, titles, thumbnails or tags? Sometimes in my videos I capitalize a word or phrase to make it stand out (eg. DRONE instead of 'drone') or put a some adjectives in (eg. Epic, Cool, Awesome) and put trending (but related to the video) tags. Is...
  12. AuthorFilms Studios

    Youtube's broke again?! [SOLVED]

    My annotations aren't working and keep disappearing and the player crashes. When I try to upload a custom thumbnail, it doesn't work and shows one of YouTube's default. When I edit a video description while uploading or in the video manager, it lags and takes forever, sometimes freezing. When I...