Content Creation: Be Authentic and READ THIS!!

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Great post. I've been having problems planning my videos and then when I do get them fully planned I forget some small detail or something, and it's very irritating because that small detail can make a big difference. What would you suggest I do to make this happen less often or not at all?? Any help would be much appreciated :)
What do you mean 'small detail'? If it is small it shouldn't matter right and/or are you repeatedly forgetting the same thing?
Thanks a lot! I also think that most people could improve by using script but what usually bothers me even more is how quiet and bored some people sound oO
This was a very well written post. I notice that I am so much more confident when planning out a video and script. I can honestly say that my goal for creating videos isn't to be internet famous though! I just want to help share what I know so that it could possibly improve the lives of others. If I could make a decent living by doing so, that's a huge bonus for me. I am INFP so, typical of my personality to base my reasons on personal ethics rather than fame :p

For anyone interested in having more structure to your content, there is an amazing guide I found for free (can't post a link here for some reason). Just Google search "Quicksprout Advanced Content Marketing Guide" and it will be the first result. Not affiliated or advertising, that's just some awesome free info! It helped me make a spreadsheet for my content and a place to document ideas. Now I just have to be consistent...:redface:
I really like this and I think anyone who decides to post and make content through the media should read this! The fact that it was longer than most posts doesn't matter at all as it was informative and detailed!
Thanks for the advice! I also just wanted to add, that the only danger is overplanning, which may come from a need for perfection, which is never really possible, thus leading to not posting it all. As long as that is avoided, I absolutely agree!

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. :D