Content Creation: Be Authentic and READ THIS!!

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Good article, I know I also write down video ideas somewhere and planning the shoot and production is key to creating good content.
Not gonna lie, i only ever planned one of my videos XD and for some reason people didnt like that one, its one of my least viewed the aswell.
the YouTube experience may be very 'robo', and people may seem like they all just want the same thing over and over like sheep, but those are still human beings and a little bit of unorthodox, eccentricity far from the clichéd may earn you the jackpot. It's very hard to predict which, again, which brings us back to the first point: don't program/plan, go with your gut.
This is great and yes, personality is everything when it comes to youtube. You can figure out algorithm and all that but if you are boring or souless nobody will watch
Very nice post! I agree to plan and organize always properly. For instance all the great movies out there have rarely been made "spontaneously". There were always top-notch professionals involved, who always were prepared for ever kind of project they are heading to, including working months or years on a single movie idea, to be realized! So when it comes to professionalism it's a must, having the ideas well planned, written out and then realized!
What better way to create content than to be your authentic self. Knowing what your interests are then plan it well with the available niche. Nothing is like a walk in the park but with perseverance and proper planning you might just be.