Content Creation: Be Authentic and READ THIS!!

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good post,mate, simple things, but can make the difference. kinda like when writing a novel, you can be a planner or a pantser, or like grrm says, an architect or a gardener.

Personally I'm interested more in the creating content and meeting new people than idk,achieving fame and fortune,really.

My videos so far have been half planned, as in, I pick a theme, an idea, plan out a few shots, storyboard,script and so on, though they don't necesarily plan out as i saw in my head, a thousands can go grow or not fit or whatever so you can't be stuck to the original idea. things change.

I've only been doing videos for a couple of months but I've done photography and writing for years but content creation isn't really that different when it comes to broadstrokes.
Fist, you musthave structure, know what you want to say, then go off the top of your head. This way you eliminate those dead pauses when people don,t what to say next and you get gibberish. Have to keep a good pace,
I strongly agree with what your saying and your story is an interesting one, in regards to Youtube I recently tried challenging myself by uploading consistently for 7 days, 1 video per day, scripts and storyboards where written prior to recording however as the week progressed my effort put into the videos decreased rapidly and the lack of care ended up reflecting in the videos.

My videos created before the 7 day challenge I'm proud of (Well most of them, we all have the videos we desire to bury but you understand).

Thank you for your post I've put some more thought into the production of my videos... Have a nice day!
Thank you so much! I really apperciate this well thought out thread it gave me some ideas and inspired me to do more planning ahead of time and really put up work im proud of
Hi All,

I want to take a short moment (i.e. long forum post!) to talk about content creation. For my day job, I am a trainer for an oil & gas company, responsible for Europe & Africa region. It is my job to inspire the best in the people I deal with, and I have exposure to a wide variety of cultures and outlooks. One thing is common throughout everywhere I work, and that is the people involved. We are all, at the end of the day, human. We have an inbuilt desire to create, and this leads me to the question: How can we create in the era of the internet?

Why Create?
Probably the most important question you can ask when starting out is 'Why should I create?'. These days, it seems that content is driven not on the uniqueness of voice, but of a desire to become famous. The internet is a great place, and yes it has spawned a generation of new celebrities, but they have done so through a passion for what they do.

If you do want to become internet famous, and let's be honest we all have that in mind, focus on the content you create, not your subscriber amount. They will come as you grow, find and develop your voice, and start to be confident in expressing yourself through a new medium. People who create content ONLY to get followers/subscribers will produce content which isn't authentic to them as a person, and ultimately they will never get the recognition they seek.

Why Produce?

In at number two, is the real technical element of what we do. Unless you are going for a stream-of-consciousness format which is completely unabridged (for the older crew, think Talking Heads) then you are going to need some level of post-production. Thankfully these days, editing software is easy to use, and getting easier all the time. Be prepared to spend HOURS editing a single video. Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration! Some programs have a steep learning curve, so you need to be prepared.

Tackle projects you will never publish, create content you will never show anybody, and allow yourself to be stupid! Truly great content is a combination of killer raw content and brilliant editing, and you need to be both star and executive producer!

What Kind of Person Are You?

This question is fundamental to what you produce. There is a mad desire to be popular these days. It is linked into the above point regarding internet fame. Producing something everybody else is doing is all well and good provided you ACTUALLY like that kind of content, and are passionate about it. There is no use producing game videos if you yearn to be a blogger, and vice versa.

Now this is by no means an absolute. People change throughout the course of their lives. I change all the time. Humanity, is by it's very existence, one of chaos and change. I want to produce comedy, travel videos, rants, music videos, challenge videos, experimental music videos, the list goes on. I have an entire document with creative goals that I will try and either like or dislike. The point is to be true to the kind of person you are.

Be bold! Be unafraid! Try new things and do them spectacularly! There is a famous quote:

Why is the sky the limit when there are footprints on the moon?

It's All About Planning!
Prior planning prevents p1ss poor performance! Never have words rung so true! If you want to be serious about your channel/content. PLAN IT! It's as simple as that! I have a spreadsheet that lists ideas, what phases there are, any files I find relating to it (if I take pictures, find articles online, etc.), and if I need to write any content for that, then I have a process to follow. It isn't inhibiting creativity, it's enabling it by removing the practical elements from my head. If I have a schedule to follow, a list to guide me, I am free to refer to it as needed and then get on with the business of creating.

Now, it doesn't have to be this rigid. In fact, I am a VERY organised person in this respect, so perhaps it is a little anal of me to say, but you need to have a place to record your ideas, track their progress, and follow up on anything you may have dropped. Treat it like a business - if you have this information outside of your head, then you declutter it and focus on the doing. There is fortune in boldness, but being bold comes with great care and planning!


Anyway guys, that's me done with this post. Please let me know what you think/share your own experiences in this regard!

Thanks, and have a great day!! Get creating, and I wish you every success!
Amazing advice✨
Great post (but yeah it was kind of long:)) But great post anyways:up2:
You got some nice pointers especially for new Youtubers. In the beginning I tried to plan ahead but I found this very hard to practice in real life:) Somethings always come up so no more planing for me now
very helpful post for a new youtuber like myself. i have watched many videos in gaming fields on youtube and they have all been helpful and inspirational to me. i have wanted to do it for a few years now but one thing or another has got in the way so i did what anyone would do in my shoes, make it my new years resolution haha. i have set up my channel and done loads of planning and have set myself up for the channel launch on 1st of january! i have asked my wife for a new mic and webcam for xmas which she has got me hehe and i have invested £600 in a new tower to enable my videos to run smoothly. i do however feel that it is hard to do the scripting and planning part beyond a certain point as i feel reactions are just as important. great post though and i will put more thought to my planning and see if i can get some done without making it seem to scripted.