Ever seen a commercial that had almost nothing to do with the product?

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For some it's a paycheck and for others it's nuisance.
Regardless, it's something we all have to deal with together.

What I'm Looking For:
A few people who would be interested in watching a selected commercial and basically reviewing it.
Bonus points to -​
Anyone with a good sense of humor.
People who are cynical of traditional media.
If you've been told you're gullible and want to do this anyways.
I was raised to be wary of commercials and subliminal advertising.
Today, emotional manipulation is the advertising company's favorite tool.
Which is a bit cruel, to manipulate people's feelings for personal gain,
but completely powerless if you're aware it's happening.
Like hypnosis.

How would I help?:
1 of 2 potential ways to help.
1. Watch said commercial, be open and honest about your feelings; narrating your experience. This is a less jaded view which will help me establish a contrast
2. Watch said commercial, prepared for the lies that the companies will portray. This includes breaking the fourth wall by mentioning that it is staged, mocking the lines spoken, or even commenting on the strange plots that so many commercials have.

If you'd like to be included, post to THIS thread.
Do not seek out alternative means to reach me, I come here daily.

I will use multiple people for this idea, better picks and performers will be asked to come back.

I'm just tired of commercials always trying to make me feel something.
Can't you just give me the facts and let me make my own decision?

If you are not sure if you're able to do this style or format, here's a simple test:
Search "McDonald's Dead Dad Ad" and find an original version.
Watch it with these things in memory:
~Everyone in this commercial is an actor, not real.
~McDonald's is trying to sell you food in this commercial.
~It's okay to be confused.

Finish this to yourself, do not post results.

I pretty much fill all three bonus points, so this would be an interesting project. How would this be coordinated?
This is funny because that is actually something I think about daily.
How ridiculous some advertising are!
''You have awful credit?
Got bankrupt 3 times?
You got no job but hey you want the car of your dream? A brand new Audi?
Well we can lend you the money anytime, as long as you give us your f*****g SOUL in return!
But you know you want that car bruh.''