1. dreikelvin

    Services [For Hire] Robert Jung - Composer and Sound Designer

    I am a freelance composer and sound designer with a studio in the area of Amsterdam, Netherlands. My work is commissioned for TV, Film, Online Productions, Interactive Experiences and Games. The services I offer: + Audio direction and sourcing of content, voice talents and instrumentalists +...
  2. ProfessionalRik

    Commentary Commercials and Advertisements [Commentary/Roast]

    Advertising For some it's a paycheck and for others it's nuisance. Regardless, it's something we all have to deal with together. What I'm Looking For: A few people who would be interested in watching a selected commercial and basically reviewing it. Bonus points to - Anyone with a good sense...
  3. Kemono

    I roast the heck out of stupid commercials!

    If you enjoy watching people make fun of something, then I'm your guy! I watch stupid commercials, and critique the product and the commercial, enjoy!
  4. L

    Super d**k??? Logan Watches WTF Commercials

    This is the first in a new series I'm starting where I watch some weird, wacky stuff! Largely inspired by Nostalgia Critic and Daz Games :) Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! :D
  5. O

    Why is youtube not approving my video for revenue generating?

    Hi I published an animation video on youtube and I approved commercial layers on the video for revenue generating but youtube is suspicious if the video is my own and I have the rights for it. I explained it to them in a message I was told to provide them where I prove its mine and explained...