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hey everyone. For those of you who don't know me I'm Stef Louise (hello ) and I'm considering starting a few collab videos.
So here's the idea.
I do a few makeup tutorials on my channel and I'm looking for some inspiration for future vids. So what I was thinking is if you made your own tutorials too, I could collab by using one of your makeup videos you have created as a 'inspired makeup look' on myself and then you could recreate a makeup look from one of my tutorials as well.
It doesn't need to be the exact same look. You could jazz it up and recreate to better suit you whatever you prefer or even if you own the same products/palettes I used in the video and just do what you like as long as it is still based on the video you have chosen. Or it could even be a makeup technique (contouring, strobing etc.)
In the description box it must have the links to the collaboration video, the video you have chosen for 'inspiration', and the you tubers channel you are collabing with. i can put in your social media too if you wish.
If you're interested let me know and we can go from there
Feel free to check out my channel too lol x