collaborate beauty

  1. LauraJasmin

    Beauty/Makeup Collaborating with cruelty free beauty, lifestyle, or wellness channels

    Hi! I'm a cruelty free beauty and lifestyle youtuber. I'd like to collaborate with someone who posts about cruelty free beauty, lifestyle or wellness. I'm a small channel with 300 subscribers. If you've been on youtube for more than year and have ranked a video then I'd like to collaborate...
  2. Steflouise

    Beauty/Makeup An idea for a collab

    hey everyone. For those of you who don't know me I'm Stef Louise (hello ) and I'm considering starting a few collab videos. So here's the idea. I do a few makeup tutorials on my channel and I'm looking for some inspiration for future vids. So what I was thinking is if you made your own tutorials...
  3. RavenAlixis

    Beauty/Makeup COLLABORATION???!!

    hey guys! I have a subscriber count of 40 subscribers and I would love to collaborate with someone thats in that same range! I would love to do a lookbook, how i style, closet staples or anything of that sort! I would also be willing to do a makeup look too!