beauty guru collab

  1. Anne G

    Beauty/Makeup Meet new beauty artist and collab!

    Hello! My name is Anne, I am looking to meet people who are looking to collaborate with me on beauty makeup videos. Even if you are overseas, you can connect with me here, youtube or instagram @panachestudios Hope to chat soon :)
  2. Cleo Nash

    Beauty/Makeup Help!!

    I have never done a full face of makeup seriously. I do own a few products but nothing that would people say "damn she beat". SOOOO, one of my next videos I wanted to do is a "funny" makeup for beginners video. MAIN QUESTION: Can someone tell me what they think the best make up is for starters...
  3. Nichole Danbi

    Beauty/Makeup I need a collab partner for a Halloween DIY Treats video? Or Like a Fall DIY something video!:)

    Hey everyone, Anyone want to collab w me? I have 49 subscribers, but let's make dreams happen:)! Just let me know:)
  4. Steflouise

    Beauty/Makeup An idea for a collab

    hey everyone. For those of you who don't know me I'm Stef Louise (hello ) and I'm considering starting a few collab videos. So here's the idea. I do a few makeup tutorials on my channel and I'm looking for some inspiration for future vids. So what I was thinking is if you made your own tutorials...
  5. CupieCakez

    Beauty/Makeup Let's Collab! I do Beauty Makeup, SFX, & MORE!

    Hi, I am a fun, creative, crazy girl passionate for the arts. I am a certified professional makeup artist based in Las Vegas USA. NEW YouTuber Looking for friends in the YouTube Community to grow with doing Makeup, Vlogs, Lifestyle, anything Art related vids! I would LOVE to collaborate with...
  6. Sarin

    Beauty/Makeup Collaborating + Becoming youtube friends :)

    Hey everyone, I am a new youtuber and i do makeup videos mostly tutorials, I am really a nice and friendly girl ^_^. I would like to collab with a new youtuber (preferably 20+ year old and with 100+ subs cause it will be a closer match to me and my channel) in the beauty/fashion community! I...
  7. BeautyByCat

    Beauty/Makeup New Beauty Channel

    Hello everyone, I have a small channel but I would love to do a themed type collab! If anybody is interested then leave your email and i will email you asap ! :)