youtube tips

  1. MAGnify

    Topic Ideas? :D

    So right now I am at 65 subscribers, and I'm trying to produce the best possible content within reason. Now, my channel is going to be a channel that can suit many different styles of videos that people want to watch. Some for all! But, the issue i'm having, is for the commentary part of this...
  2. MultiDragon129

    Do Hashtags work for YT Video Tags? ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Hey guys, recently I've been using quite a bit of hashtags on my youtube videos and I've noticed form "TubeBuddy" which is like a analytical toolkit to help you with stuff like what people are searching up, how many people, and if the ratio between them is good. It also has a lot of other...
  3. Kira.Yamaguchi

    Getting Started - A Tip/Guide on Starting a Youtube Channel

    I know that there's alot of Youtube Techniques or Advices when you're going to start on creating a Youtube channel, but I also want to join and share my opinion. So, what do you do in Youtube? You can do whatever you want! You can upload music videos, gameplays, real life videos, heck you can...
  4. TheMix

    Finding a Nitch?

    On our channel we do skits, challenges, vlogs and many different things but sometimes videos don't get too many views. It seems that when we make videos about what is hot at the time (a nitch) it increases our views tremendously. I definitely reccoment smaller youtubers out there like our...
  5. SkitMantv

    Should I keep my content on one channel or move it to a second channel?

    Hi, On my channel SkitManDoesThings I recently made the change to include gaming content on my channel along with comedy sketches/vlogs which I was doing before. I wanted to ask if this was the right move or should the gaming content be moved to a seperate channel away from the vlogs I was doing...
  6. RavenAlixis

    Do You Preplan and PreFilm your videos?

    Hey Guys! So I just finished planning my videos ideas for next month, and I'm about to go on for the September but then I stopped and asked? Is this normal? So my question for you guys is, do you plan your videos for the current month and on end or do u just do it weekly, or do you just not plan...
  7. HyDraid

    Do you have tips for me?

    I just started my channel 1 week ago, at the moment I have 151 subscribers and 2 video's :) It would be great to get some feedback on the following: 1. Channel layout 2. Thumbnails 3. Editing, is it good, to much ? 4. Quality Thanks ^^
  8. HyDraid

    Top 10 YouTube Tips & Tricks

    1. Create Content That People Want You know the saying that “content is king”? It should be creating content that people want is king. But how do you find out what people want? The YouTube keyword tool lets you see what others are searching for on YouTube. Type in a word that is relevant to...
  9. N

    How to promote your channel, and grow on youtube.

    Hello, everyone. Today i'm going to list some ways that you can gain exposure to your channel! Let's being. 1. The first, and most important thing to do is to use relevant tags, that are good for your video. Tags can help you get views, you know! 2. Secondly, you really need to interact with...
  10. W

    Help me make my name better????

    Hey guys so my channel on YouTube is called TheWondrousGamer! I started it last year in like December but wasn't really bothering to upload and now I upload but I barely get any views, I only have one video that has over 2000 views somehow and I only have 64 Subs, I want to grow more! I know my...
  11. Shehzad

    DO's & DON'TS On YouTube - Black Ops 3 Live Commentary

    Giving you my tips from my own experiences and also from how the general YouTube community feels is right to do and don't on YouTube. Watch it if your starting out and need some quick pointers. This is not how to increase your views on YouTube. Comment below you own tips too.
  12. skepticalvoid

    Why am i not growing?

    hi, I've been on YouTube for a least 3 years now. this year is the year i am putting more work into my channel than ever. i am not growing at all. i watched hours of tips and tricks and they are all the same. i have a good mic, good graphics, good thumbnails, and good quality content.if anyone...
  13. skepticalvoid

    why am i not growning??

    hi, I've been on YouTube for a least 3 years now. this year is the year i am putting more work into my channel than ever. i am not growing at all. i watched hours of tips and tricks and they are all the same. i have a goof mic, good graphics, good thumbnails, and good quality content.if anyone...
  14. Razz_

    How To Make Amazing Thumbnails! :)

    hey peeps Razzo here, someone requested a tutorial on how to make thumbnails and here it is for anyone in the forums. i don't know everything far from it but i do believe i can show some of you a few trick you may not have known about. if you have any feed back or any advice feel free to...
  15. ThatGuyMan

    Are Comedy Youtubers Dying Out? (not literally)

    I'm alone. You see, I have a small channel on youtube, and post mainly vlog/skit videos. A LOT of growing channel tips always emphasise on COLLABORATION. Unfortunately..... its kind of hard for a skit Youtuber to collaborate with someone who is sitting in front of a computer gaming :/ THIS IS...
  16. T

    Why Watch time is more important than views!

    I thought I would take a little information from it and share with you! Ill make this super short and hopefully easy for everyone to understand. Back in the day youtube used to value VIEWS more than WATCHTIME They soon found out that just because you had a lot of views didn't mean your content...
  17. Dear Gamer

    Let's Share Youtube SEO Tips

    Hello everyone, SEO (Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to get views for smaller or larger channels. There billions of people that watch youtube daily so it is our goal it get our videos in front of them. Depending on your subscribers for views is going a good strategy when...
  18. J

    How to correctly gain an audience?

    Please share your tips with me and probably others on how to correctly gain an audience. As a small YouTuber I would love to get the assistance you guys can lend me. Thanks! ;]
  19. Terminator BDs

    I need Help with my channel

    Hello My name is Ahmed AKA Terminator I just wanted someone to checkout my channel and tell me what should I do to get more views and subs and tell me the best successful tips to help me grow My channel name:TerminatorBDs Channel
  20. LionWaffles

    Don't do S4S - here's why

    Hello! It's LionWaffles again with another YouTube essential tip. Today we are going to be talking about Sub4Sub and how you REALLY shouldn't do it. I've got some of my friends doing it (and me at one point), and it's been pretty hard. 1. V:S ratio is WAYYYYY out of whack - This is when you see...