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  1. F

    Wanna beta test a Chrome extension that makes it faster and easier to reply to Youtube comments?

    Good day. I'm Looking for some Youtubers that want to beta test a Chrome extension that makes it faster and easier to reply to Youtube comments. You don't need to provide your credentials to test it. The tool isn't ready yet but will be soon. As a thank you, I'll gift you a free year or...
  2. Kaitlyn Moore

    Comments Disabled?

    Hey all! It's been a hot minute since I was last active around here college got me super busy. Anyways for some reason, youtube is disabling my comments section and I have no clue why. I tried changing the settings to "not for kids" hoping that would work but still nothing..
  3. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Turn Off On Video Comments with NEW YouTube Studio 2019

    How To Turn Off On Video Comments with NEW YouTube Studio 2019 // Need to enable comments, disable comments on your YouTube video? Maybe you want to stop comments for a while turn on comments to let people give you feedback. How To Disable Comments on YouTube - The youtube comment section can...
  4. Courtney Candice

    YouTube comments disappearing

    I noticed that comments under my videos are disappearing at first I thought YouTube was putting them into the spam section so I checked that's not it, for the past couple days my comments have been slowly disappearing!
  5. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    6 New Upcoming Tool For YouTube Comment Section

    Hello best friends,my name is Rohan & today in this video I'm going to talk about six new updates that are coming soon for YouTube comment's.All these tool are amazing,I talked about each of the tool in this video & also showed you a clear screenshot of how some of these new features works.As we...
  6. Sk Jony

    Youtube Comments For better channel Activity

    After few days, I read my channel statistics and realize that, youtube comments most important fo channel activity. When I got any comments on my video or Channel discuss tab. My channel activity grow rapidly Like as it's earnings. But I have little bit doubt. What about say Experts?
  7. SwaggyIndian

    Self Promotion in the comments section.

    What do you guys think about self promotion in the comments section. Is a little bit ok. How about promotion on a channel that makes similar content as you. Does it help grow a channel or hurt a channel more.
  8. Jawad Soomro


    So recently I have been reacting to music videos and movie trailers. I have been constructively criticizing the movies and artists. Therefore I am getting HATE comments. I was really sure about that and I dont bother much and never respond to the comments. Only one comment that bothered me a lot...
  9. Kass

    Youtube Comment Section Rant!

  10. binky VS bunson

    Weirdest comment you've ever got on a Video?

    Not irrelevant stuff like sub4sub or something dumb, but the weirdest comment you've ever received? I'm curious what weird internet banter is going on out there? Hahaha
  11. AndreaStep

    Youtube Deleting comments?

    Hi, I have a question. Today I uploaded my YouTube video as I always do and one of my first subscribers commented in my video, I replied, everything was normal, but later when I go back to my video analytics shows the number of comments of the video, however if you go to the video directly...
  12. Batty About Toys

    Commenting glitch?

    For a couple of weeks now I have been having issues replying to comments that are left on my videos. I can like and reply to some, but not others. It's happening to at least one other Youtuber I know too. Also comments that were never marked as spam and that I've already replied to suddenly end...
  13. FoldingNotes

    I Confess...

    Over the past few months, my channel growth was virtually stagnant. After a year of so many purges and having fallen from a record of 954 subscribers, it became a huge regret for me. Some of you might say: "Why did you do this?! That's something to be proud of?!" It really was. I destroyed too...