1. Big Home Toys Review

    What is Your Definition of a YouTube Influencer?

    Do you find YouTube influncers to be leaders? if not, Why? I will post my response on how i Feel about influncers and my personal definition and why I choice what I said. Just think a newer topic would be fun to talk about :) Thanks -Big Home Toys Review
  2. S

    What is wrong with Youtubes Recommendations?

    Hi, I honestly just signed up to this space because of this and the fact it's just getting incredibly frustrating now. What is happening is no matter what I watch, filter or tune. The recommended section on Youtubes homepage keeps showing irrelevant stuff. I've heard and read from places in...
  3. Jack Barrott

    My videos are high quality but my channel isn't growing?

    Hey, so like I said, each of my videos I try to make better than the last, and they are all really high quality in my opinion (for someone who's been only doing it a couple months). I just don't understand why my channel isn't growing? I understand it takes time, but I see other people with a...
  4. blondestaaa

    Why can I not see my YouTube comments?

    So I've had YouTube for about a month now and at the start I could see the comments. But recently I would receive an email saying that I received a comment and get a notification on YouTube about it to. But when I clicked it I was not able to see it. After a while I realised that YouTube...
  5. Factually True

    A Windows Movie Maker Rant

    When I recently got the idea for my channel, I started researching video editing software to figure out which one I would use. Because most of my work is illustrating and narrating, I only need the video editor to combine my illustrations and audio tracks with some music, and I use a low...
  6. ChaseAndFriends

    What is your favorite part about making YouTube videos?

    Hey there! So I'm making a video about "Why You Should Make YouTube Videos!" I was wondering if there is anything that stands out to you guys that you would like me to include in the video :D Thank you in advance!
  7. Puck Mitchell

    WHY: Get involved a new series begging the question why.

    So, I'm beginning my new series WHY: I will attempt to tackle any question thrown at me about anything! I edit gameplay however it serves as a backdrop if I talk about whatever else, in this episode I just answered the question as to why dark souls 3 is different, rambled a little but it was...
  8. MultiDragon129

    Who inspired you to start making Gaming Videos? =P Storytime...

    From the very beginning, it started with me watching ProtonJonSA and specifically his Super Mario World Let's Plays....and even MORE specifically, his Kaizo Mario LP and I watched it over and over again. I wanted to be just like him because he was really funny and I loved watching all his Kaizo...
  9. Bomber Brigade

    I'M DONE: The "Glorious" Adventures Episode #3(Smash 4 Wii U)

    Watch my Diddy Kong get BODIED by a Roy in For Glory Mode in Super Smash Bros!
  10. AlexYoutube


    Hey guys, I just wanted to know what your motivation or intention in making YT videos is!? For me the most important thing is to do more and more filming and editing every day and to teach myself how to get better. :):) Would love to hear your thoughts !
  11. H

    The Problem with Big Games Or lack of Problems

    This is a game which a lot of people play... I used to play it a while back and I was in to the whole horror thing but I got out of it and it terrified me.I just feel like an attention ***** for playing this game and I would like to bring to light what is wrong with these games... nothing. That...
  12. Branden Morales


    Hey guys! So for the longest time I've always been interested in being a youtuber, but obstacles always got in the way. Many famous yiutubers have inspired me when I was younger, but my passion and love to entertain is what drove my decesion to start youtube! My question is why did you start...