What is your favorite part about making YouTube videos?


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Hey there! So I'm making a video about "Why You Should Make YouTube Videos!" I was wondering if there is anything that stands out to you guys that you would like me to include in the video :D Thank you in advance!
It brings a huge sense of pride. I spent a lot of time watching my friends excel at all sorts of things like art, writing, etc and I never really found something to be passionate about until I started making videos on youtube. I feel like I have a purpose and a hobby that I really love.
To me, it's a form of therapy. Albeit, a slightly damaging therapy because of reasons I've described in my last vlog post... but yeah. It's kind of a zen garden thing. Except with adobe premiere. And a ton of "wait what... why did it... HOW?!?!! I WANTED ZOOM, NOT INVERTED COLORS+UV SHADER TYPE DEAL! WTH IS THIS?!"
But yeah... Adobe premiere zen garden... yeah...
Receiving positive response in comments for something i created out of nothing. It sure is rewarding and makes you feel like you're the best in the world for 10 seconds.
Because editing is such a fantastic creative process! I'm not the best and it is frustrating, but I've self taught my stuff and I get excited seeing how I can combine footage each week. Though my videos aren't very cinematic, they're mainly vlog style but it is still very fun. It's relaxing, creative and basically a free hobby!
My favorite part is actually the planning of a new series.
Thinking about what game to play next, making the thumbnails and general branding for it, as well as making a banner that fits.

And I actually like editing more than I like recording, because it's so exciting to see your finished product!
having a good laugh at drawing/writing the slapstick and jokes, and wondering if anyone else will find it as funny as me
Laughing at my own stupidity and creativeness when I record and edit. I also love making the thumbnails afterwards. And then receiving that one comment from my regular makes it all worth it!
Because it allows you the opportunity to do whatever you want. You can act without having to audition, you can write a script and have it performed, you can use it as an excuse to do a weird challenge or something you silly that you wouldn't do in normal day-to-day life, you can interact with new people from around the world. So many reasons!!