1. S

    Check out -- its a website-builder specifically for YouTubers

    Just came across this website-builder specifically for YouTubers. Basically, within 2 minutes it created a site with all my videos, a blog, and my Instagram and TikTok feeds on it. Honestly trying to make a site like that on Wix or Wordpress would take forever. This took 2...
  2. Questionable Ole

    Neat free animated avatar website that I used

    Hello guys! New member here, excuse me if I didn't quite grasp the rules yet, but is it ok if I just share my experience with youtube avatar creation? Used the same for my profile in here, too, by the way! The website I ended up using is - I think it's very basic, but I managed...
  3. L

    Other Searching for creators who wants to review product

    Hey! Are interested in web design? Do you know what does template, theme, WordPress mean? Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss everything.
  4. Jared Poirier

    My Own Website?

    Hey guys, I had an idea but I'm not sure if it's crazy or not. I was thinking of putting up my own website and having my content on there, I could even have some ads on there maybe? I know some bigger channels have websites like this, but is it a good idea for smaller channels? I...
  5. L

    Real Youtube channel considered fake and suspended

    Hi everyone, The company I work in had a fan Youtube channel created years ago and a few months ago we started a channel of our own to promote our website. Our channel which is the real one was regarded as the fake one and got suspended. We tried contacting youtube support and they are not...
  6. Roman Ryder

    How to Brand and Start a Business - FAST!

    In this video, I provide strategies for naming your business, reserving your name, and getting a logo. I also provide a free download with links to get started fast!
  7. FraYoshi

    Dark theme: do You like It?

    :wavespin: Hii!! :wavespin: Recently I activated this "Dark theme" (a couple minutes ago) and I'm really enjoying It!! Do You like It too? It's part of the beta interface :3
  8. SimplyAlexTV

    How to setup a wordpress website blog for your channel?

    Hey guys, since very new around here i would like to provide some value for this community! Would any of you guys be interested in a detailed guide on how to setup a wordpress website? What is detailed? Small overview on what you need and get in return Where to host it / Where to find a good...
  9. M

    Review for my channel website? Hey everyone! I've just published a website as a sort of intro to my channel and I could use some feedback. I only have a short introduction, my videos, and social media information, and I'm wondering if there's anything else I should add to it. Any other...
  10. O

    Should I get a website?

    Hi I have been checking out other youtubers who are the biggest in the category I am in as well and saw that some of them has websites where they besides youtube integrate their videos on to get more visibility, along with a shop where they sell either though affiliate or they have their own...
  11. Jamiethecomic

    Help Wanted for Geeky Website

    Hey guys and Gals, Please delete if this goes against ToS I am Jamie, creator and content creator for Are you a fan of everything that is gaming, anime, comics, tv and movies? Do you have the passion to share the news that the latest trailer for that awesome anime just got...
  12. Schulti Media

    Request Is there a website for free intros without watermark?

    Hi guys! Is there a website for free intros without watermark that I can actually use for monetized videos? Nothing fancy, just a short and simple intro. Thanks! :)
  13. AM2PM

    I messed up my Custom URL!

    I've had this channel for more than a year but only started doing this new idea a few months back. I forgot that I messed around and got a custom URL for the channel already. You needed a website at the time and the url had to be in it. I had a foolish website named and I used...
  14. AM2PM

    Good idea to have a website too?

    I'm considering getting a website that corresponds to my channel. What do you guys think? It would mostly be another place to post the videos with more write-ups, and I guess blog about the process? I'm pretty sure you need one to get a unique channel name vs the auto generated gobbledegook...
  15. IsaacAdni

    How to get website clicks & newsletter subscribes?

    I'm a musician. Since I don't release stuff very often, it's very hard to keep YouTube subscribers engaged. As such, I'm trying to build an email list. The signup form for my email list can be found on the homepage of my website ( However, I'm finding it very hard to get people to...
  16. O

    Promoting YouTubers. Need opinions

    I thought of this idea and was curious what other YouTubers thought. Who would be interested in me creating a dedicated YouTube Channel promoting other YouTubers along with a blog for these YouTubers? Obviously we would have to figure out the logistics with copyright etc. But I really want...
  17. MitchProVideos

    Need some advice for my new YouTube website

    So I made a website for my YouTube channel. The website url is MITCHPROVIDEOS dot COM . I wanted to make this website to help make me more professional. I am posting this because I need some advice to make it more professional.
  18. Rails2Revolution

    Ways To Use A Website?

    Hey folks, You see, I've got a website solely for my channel. It's definitely not something I regret because I use it as a way to link annotations that I can then redirect to any website I need (Facebook, twitter, etc. as annotations basically). Plus it means no pesky troll could ever take my...
  19. SuperBrolex

    I Made A Website To Help With Promotion - Review It?

    Hey everyone, I created a website to act as a sort of "social hub" for my social media accounts, which are: YouTube Twitter Facebook Google+ I'm basically wondering if you guys could check it out and give me an honest opinion on whether it'd be helpful for YouTube :3 The link is in my...
  20. BrinosaurasGaming

    Have You Been Getting a Comment Saying "Check out u2bzone(DOT)C O M?

    Have you been getting a comment saying, "Hey! you should get more attention! Check out u2bzone(DOT)C O M" on your videos?? Well I did, and to tell you, it is a scam, DO NOT ATTEMPT IT! The point that they are trying to sell you is to go on there, buy views, subs, or likes. #1 That is against...
  21. EngiNerd

    dedicated website besides your youtube channel? yes or no?

    Im thinking of a building my own blog website not only to promote my videos etc. What do you you guys think?
  22. Maxemole

    Integrating a Website?

    Hey everyone! So, as a very small channel, I was thinking of some ways that would make me stand out early. One idea I had was connecting a website to my Youtube channel. For example, I mainly make Let's Play's and random gameplays. I want this to be my sort of "filler" content while I work...
  23. Epiccat

    Need help coming up with a site name

    Hey, My name is Camryn and the last time I introduced myself on here was quite some time ago... anyways. I make videos like reviews of the sort of things and its great wonderful and perfect. But i was talking to one of my reviewer buddies and we decided it was in our best interest to make...
  24. WilBajamas

    Forum for Youtube Gaming

    Hey guys, I know a lot of you guys have started out being on Youtube Communities a long time. I've just started but I noticed that has changed, it doesn't have forums now? Only sites and videos etc???
  25. Squeal Cat

    Complementary Website to my Youtube Channel

    Dear all, I'm having the following idea. I'm okayish with Google SEO and I know how to use it and take advantage of it. I'm going to use this opportunity to gain views through Google. I've created a website: and I'm going to use that to gain additional views. I made...
  26. Talooka

    Does anybody have a website?

    Just wondering if anybody has a website, and if so does it help? Is it something that should be a main concern when branding, or is this something that maybe would be useful but only later on down the line?