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  1. H

    2 million monthly views, but with low revenue

    Hi I'm in my second month of monatization on youtube. Had explosive growth with 10,000 subscribers and 2M views in one month. Now I'm really pleased and impressed by the results, but my revenue decreases because my cpm & rpm getting lower and lower. I've checked my audience and it's majority is...
  2. Mr.Asad Gamer

    Gaming If U'R Agent 47

    Here's I'm providing the link of Hitman absolution a real life experience type game that i played and sharing the clip Click on this link
  3. E


    This Free-E-book will helpful for all New youtubers to Get Successful.
  4. Dave2017

    Why have I not gone viral yet???

    I don´t get it!!!!!!! I make some of the best videos on Youtube and I am not even close to go viral yet? My channel IS sofa king special and unique and I have much better videos than so many other youtubers who are doing way better.....Why is this? I even made this video about going viral, but...
  5. Dave2017

    How to make a viral YouTube Channel.....Or??

    Tell me what you think? viral
  6. Dave2017

    How to NOT go viral

    Just a short video I made about a question that pops up again and again in Youtube comunities:) How do I go viral? Sorry to say it, but there is no easy way!! Never the less some Youtubers try to cut corners (yes i been there too:)) But watch this short video to see why it wont work...
  7. ScienceOfSuccess

    How to make Viral Video, based on Contagious by Jonah Berger

    I'm sorry if the title is a clickbait, but it's not a click bait, just a great book. Jonah is a Marketing professor, and he used 6months research to find factors that make things go viral. he found the 6 factors that make people share: 1. Social Currency - You seems better by sharing it. This...
  8. Abdullahx9000

    Adding more tags to a quick growing video?

    Is it too "Late" if I add more tags and remove the ones that does work well in my newest video? For example I forgot to add "Totally Accurate Battle Grounds" with Battlegrounds in two words, and multiple people have found my video using that. If I add the tag does that **reset** or change how my...
  9. UnboxingSve

    What if you film video that you know will go viral?

    Last night I had a dream that I filmed airplane accident of one famous company. Like I saw the airplane was too low to the ground before the runway so I started recording but it actually was too far and it landed late so pilot decided he will not make it good, so he accelerated and tilted the...
  10. GrumpyKitten

    ContentID via MCN - PLEASE HELP!

    Hey guys, I registered on this forum a long time ago, but this is my first post, so please excuse me if I missed the appropriate place to post this! Getting right to it. I uploaded a video 6 years ago, that has been very viral throughout the last few years. I have then partnered up with a MCN...
  11. Jack Swish


    I cannot believe this has happened one of my videos has gone crazy and boosted my sub count so far- going up more than double my original subs in one day! This video has almost 1,000 likes, 440 comments and 16.6K views within 10 days :D So happy it doesn't seem real :D Currently at 422 subs.
  12. AM2PM

    That Viral feeling?

    I have yet to experience a video going viral. I'm happy to wake up and have gotten 100 views overnight. Anyone have a story to share about a video or their channel exploding and what it was like? I'd love to hear about it.
  13. avilsd

    Building A YouTube Empire, Brick By Brick

    If you'd like to create a serious income through YouTube, you must be prepared to invest: a LOT of time, effort and eventually money. If you're not willing to dedicate at least 500 hours every year, or more to YouTube, please stop reading right now. This just isn't for you. I see so many people...
  14. ShoopkoTube

    How to get your video viral?

    Hi guys! It's been a while since I've post here on the Forums! I know this is a tough question, but if anyone has some tips and tricks to boost a little my channel maybe it'll help my and other people out here! :) Check out my latest vid and tell me your honest thoughts! ;D
  15. Adeelcool

    How Are viral videos made ?

    so, i want to spread an Awesome massage, and it going viral would help a lot are viral videos made by the title or the thumbnail or the content or the production value or do all of them play a big part in making a video go viral, or would the massage of the video make it go viral or do only...
  16. Adeelcool

    I'll watch every video

    if you have a viral video feel free to share it here because i want to see if there is a specific trend with viral videos and if you do not have a viral video yet share it so i can compare it to the videos that have gone viral and possibly tell you were you went wrong
  17. GooberVlogs

    Why Do Weird Videos Go Viral So Fast

    So what I've seen the past couple times I've come across a "viral video" is that for example let's say someone drops a watermelon from a second story window and the video is about 20 seconds long and it becomes a hit overnight and ends up in the trending section on YouTube.. How does that work...
  18. Jordan Rhodes

    Trying to go Viral

    Check out our new sketch!
  19. WilliamRayWalters

    Site not displaying Youtube ads on embedded videos?

    Hey guys, So I have a quasi-semi-viral video that has just shy of 300k views since last Sunday (I typically don't consider videos viral unless they have a million views in a short amount of time though). I was contacted by to license and/or buy my video and I told them no. I noticed...
  20. H


    FYI this is a joke but the premise of this game is pure wtf xD
  21. H

    Gaming Hey ex youtuber looking to get back in

    Hey >;c I am a youtuber my old channel had about 2000 subs, started a brand new one with brand new equipment and everything. Looking for people to play with and enjoy. I can't stand the whole fake accent thing people do when they play so if you are one please don't do it xD I want to play. I am...
  22. Dani Girl

    When you go viral & how you get screwed on licensing

    Sorry this is long but there is lots to share. I wanted to share my recent experiences with a viral video that I hope you find helpful. Also myself and some other youtubers noticed an issue with licensing that I wanted to let people know and get feedback on because its another way content...