What if you film video that you know will go viral?


Loving YTtalk
Last night I had a dream that I filmed airplane accident of one famous company. Like I saw the airplane was too low to the ground before the runway so I started recording but it actually was too far and it landed late so pilot decided he will not make it good, so he accelerated and tilted the airplane too much so eventually it went straight up, and later it crashed when the engines could not support that lift. And I got it all on camera!
Later I saw like military surrounding that area because they didn`t know what was that big explosion, so I called the police to inform them about the crash.
When I woke up I was thinking what if something like that was real. Imagine you have a shot like that. If you post it to youtube for sure it will go viral and all media would also like to have that video! How to manage media, can you sell video? If you sell to one can you sell also to another? And of course, there will be many to steal your video. So, what you would do in such situation? How to protect yourself, can you add some watermark on video? What would you do? And of course there is also an option that police will take your video to investigate more, and they forbid you to post it or something like that.
Basically, the question is how to prepare yourself if you know you have something that will go viral?