video quality

  1. E

    Does the yoube algorythm consider the quality (720, 1080 hd) of your videos?

    Hi I think a 720 quality is good enough for my video tutorials, and I can save pretty much time rendering and uploading videos as I produce a lot of content. But I don't want to be affected in a silly way loosing video ranking jus because of the video quality. Does the quality matters in terms...
  2. DylanDDragon_YT

    Is my video quality good?

    Hello internet! I have been trying to upgrade the quality of my videos (graphics wise) If anyone is reading this, could you mind checking out the video and seeing if the graphics are any good? Please tell me your opinion on it whenever you are done! (And maybe even drop a sub!) Thanks!
  3. dweebie

    Quality vs Quantity.

    I got myself to the point where I was uploading a new video every other week. The videos turned out to be on the garbage side, and I wasn't happy with them looking back on it. Jokes were fewer and further between, videos were much shorter and I left out big parts of games that I should have...
  4. Roman Ryder

    17Mbps vs 24Mbps

    I've been recording at 17Mbps, but only uploading at 1280x720. I'm starting to get more views, so I think it may be time for me to start uploading at 1920x1080. Should I continue to record at 17Mbps or go to 24Mbps? Also, do I need to make any changes to the default export settings, such as...
  5. Becky Keegan

    Should I Change From Bridge Camera Recording to IPhone Recording?

    Hey there! So a couple of years ago I made the huge mistake of not researching properly before I asked for a certain camera for Christmas. The camera in question is absolutely fantastic for photos...but it only records 640p on the video mode. I'm thinking of switching to using my IPhone 5s which...

    Rave Reviews of Filmic Pro For Cinematic Quality

    For IPhone users, I have been reading a lot on Filmic pro to get your IPhone video quality up to the next level. Even a feature film Tangerine was shot on IPhone using this app. Some great features offered by this app, but not by the default camera are : 1. Control over focus and exposure. 2...
  7. Neimos

    YouTube video quality

    Hi! I've got a quick question. I just noticed that on some of my videos I can't choose different quality than 360p, 720p or 1080p. It's really strange and I have no idea why it's like that. I should add that it only occures on my newer videos (less than one week old). Is it just taking youtube...
  8. Justinlp

    Good Beginner Editing Software

    So, I have a few video out and have been more consistent this year, so now I want to focus on improving the quality of my videos. Since my videos are already 1080p quality and the Mic is okayish, I think my next step is learning to become a little better at editing. Any suggestions? I Have a...
  9. Kira.Yamaguchi

    Youtube Video FPS. Is it necessary?

    Been watching quite a few videos lately and most of them are in the 60fps group. Is it really necessary or worth it to record and upload HD (1080p or 720p) videos in 60fps? Is the rendering time and file size really worth it? I want to hear your opinions on this.
  10. DuncanT

    I need some help with my video quality!

    So after days of trying to find the best settings on my DSLR, I just can't find them and I get pretty frustrated. So I've got a Canon 700D with the standard 18-55 lens (I've got a different lens but that doesnt really change the video quality... right?) I've been changing the settings, the...
  11. M

    Better quality camera?

    Hey all! I'm pretty new to the YouTube community and I've filmed my first video with my iPhone. The quality isn't the greatest obviously but I figured I had to start somewhere (can't really afford a dsl camera or anything too pricey at the moment).. I am definitely looking into purchasing a...

    How do I promote my videos without spamming?

    Just like most youtube video creators, it is quite difficult figuring out how to promote your youtube channel without spamming a channel link to everyone in existence. I currently make daily vlogs and want more people to see it and gain friends from youtube in the process. To be a part of the...
  13. SeanFace101

    Adding An Annotation Rined My Video Quality!

    I added a new annotation to one of my videos that i have had on my channels for a good while now and it made the video quality really bad when before it was quite ok. The video is called "Mark, Wiggy & Mick Dancing Drunk In Wiggys House (Big Fail)" on my channel. How do i fix it?
  14. PsySpy Gaming

    [Question] How to improve?

    I'm going to start this off by stating what I've already been told and that I really don't have any control over at the moment as I've been working with what I have. 1. Sound quality. I do have a new mic on the way (Zalman ZM-Mic1) that is definitely going to be better than the one that I...