Rave Reviews of Filmic Pro For Cinematic Quality


For IPhone users, I have been reading a lot on Filmic pro to get your IPhone video quality up to the next level.
Even a feature film Tangerine was shot on IPhone using this app.

Some great features offered by this app, but not by the default camera are :
1. Control over focus and exposure.
2. locking over set focus and exposure.
3. Control on shutter speed and frame rates
4. Color grading control.
5. Allow to shoot up to 4K.
6. Extended zooming capability and much more.

I have just purchased the app and yet to explore. Anyone tried and tested the app and want to shed some light on how to get the best out of this app ?
I bought this a year or so ago but rarely use it because of the setup it takes before each shot - and most of our videos have fast-action and I dont have the luxury of time. I have used it a few times though, and I like the focus/bokeh control the best. I also like that it allows you to set a higher bitrate.
To get the best out of it I recommend that you watch all of the online how-to's that they've created, then, just experiment!