1. dazedcore_yt


    Started YT on October 1st of this year, and I'm currently sitting at 290 subscribers! My one year goal was 100, so I guess I'm doing very well! Sitting at 78 thousand views and 190 public watch hours!
  2. T


    Yooo Cory been dropping some Heat
  3. NArecordz

    Music You got to check her out

  4. C


    Meri Jaan Meri Jaan Song: Bachchhan Paandey | Akshay Kriti B Praak Jaani |Sajid N Farhad S Bhushan K CLICK THIS LINK:
  5. W

    Music Music on Study Gone #ytshorts #music #Shorts | MISS GRACE

  6. D

    Gaming Free Kikker

    I Just want to hit 5k sub, I know I am not even close but I just want to try. here is the link-
  7. M

    Gaming I Spent 100 Days in a Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft...

    Welcome to Forge Labs! I review video games and discuss video game industry things. On the channel I post gameplay experience reviews, video essays, and satirical pieces that I hope you find entertaining. Enjoy! Watch this video to see what happened :
  8. M

    Comedy 2020 en 4 minutes

    En réponse au défi du président de la république, nous avons effectué cette chanson et ce clip. Rappel : si cette vidéo atteint les 10 MILLIONS de vues, on obtient un concours d’anecdotes avec le président. Chanson disponible partout : Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Limewire, Emule, etc. Les...
  9. Niya

    Comedy Looking to do a collab w/ another small youtube!!!

    Honestly not looking for anything specific but someone funny. Check out my channel and let me know if you are interested!!! <3
  10. Wha'sTrending

    Other Need a USA Presenter!

    Hello, I'm looking for a USA Presenter to upload on to my channel of things trending in the USA. Example Video: I'm looking for somone who has the following: Working decent mic Above the age of 16 Access to a video editor Proof of channel. If this sound like you please ask or leave...
  11. Courtney Candice

    Squiggly eyebrows

    I tried to make my eyebrows squiggly so I can be trendy and well I failed lol
  12. TalkFandomToMe

    Least favorite YouTube trends?

    I wanted to see what the YTtalk community thinks about YouTube trends. More specifically, the ones you guys really don't like. Thus, I made this thread. My least favorite trend: Meme Videos Memes are funny. But it's annoying to me to see people just getting a clip from the Bee Movie, making it...
  13. Courtney Candice

    Squiggly eyebrows

    Squiggly eyebrows have been trending all over instagram and Twitter so I decided to try it.... well sort of:roflmao2:
  14. Courtney Candice

    Welcome back mcr

  15. jordanleech

    YouTube Video Trends?!

    Bit of a question here guys, do you or do you not think it is valuable to follow video trends e.g the floor is lava, 5 beers 5 minites etc. Would you only follow them if that is the way your channel is aimed or do you think its good to have a variety of content on your channel, something that...
  16. Lekjih

    Where do you find what's -really- trending?

    As the trending tab on YT is next to useless. Specifically, I'm thinking gaming. Is it the big YTers who set the trends or are they following someone/thing else? I've always been hopeless at following trends and it's now a relevant skill to my life xD
  17. Kaynes Toyroom

    Trending for kids/toys

    Hey Everyone, Was wondering if anyone knows of any sites or plugins that show what Is trending for kids. I check out the trending section on YouTube but it doesn't show anything regarding kids. Thanks in advance :cool:
  18. KaziproductionsHD

    Top 10 Suicide Squad Moments

    Yup you read that right, this video is about Top 10 Suicide Squad moments and what better time than to watch it now as the movie releases tomorrow. Please let me know your thoughts, like the video and if you watch the video please do let me know. Thanks Again please let me know if you watch...
  19. Fee007


    Remember acid wash!! They're baaaccck!! :cold:Take a look at this design!:)
  20. Little World View

    trending Youtube topics

    Is there a way to find out key phrases or topics that are trending on YouTube, beside looking at the trending section? I'd like to make some videos on topics that will generate more traffic but not sure how to find more buzz words, hot topics, what have you, besides googling 'whats trending on...