Bit of a question here guys, do you or do you not think it is valuable to follow video trends e.g the floor is lava, 5 beers 5 minites etc. Would you only follow them if that is the way your channel is aimed or do you think its good to have a variety of content on your channel, something that shows your viewers a bit more personality maybe?

Looking to start a big discussion on this so let me know, also if you do follow the trends, where do you find out about them before it's too late as YouTube Trending fails to show me anything other than chart music haha!
personally trend chasers succeed in the short term but die off in the long term because they never learned the skills on how to diversify their content. (EG - Prank Community)
It is only a good idea if you have other ideas for what to do example: benja aka BajanCanadian, that channel has trends such as fidget spinner videos but generally keeps the content slighty away from that stuff and it is working out great for him.
Having a variety of content on your channel is a really great idea. That way you are not just targeted to one type of audience. I'm delving some into short film production just to have more to add on my channel! It's also a good idea (if you are okay with it) to be more personal with fans. You may think people just come to see the videos, but it's really YOU they come to see!

Though as far as following trends... I think it's a good thing to do in moderation! Once in a while or occasionally is good, but if your WHOLE channel is just that stuff then it not only gets lost in the crowd (because you are not the only one doing it) but it can get boring very quickly. Doing original content is what makes you stand out from other YouTube channels!

Hope this helped!
Yeah I definitely think trend chasing is good but you should use a trend in a way that is sustainable and not just a one time value to people. How to do that is up to you, I found my personal way and have been putting that ish to use!
I think it can add variety to your channel which might help your channel grow. I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone and am looking at trending videos for when I come back to my channel.

Pretty much all I've done on my channel is reviews which is fine but from my time on other sites, people enjoy seeing more personality and variety. I've just been too chicken to try (also I still have a lot of products to review and wanted to get them out of the way but maybe taking a break from that could help a lot?) anything else on YouTube, at least.

Omg I'm sorry if this reads terribly. Anyway, hope I helped.
I hear it's better to have a channel dedicated to 1 topic...I find it hard to grow particularly in the topic I chose (art and painting)...Wish I could diversify but then the idea of the channel would be lost, right???
I think you should pick and choose your trends based if they do fit in on your style. For example if I was to do some sort of beauty trend (dunno if there are any, don't watch beauty videos) my viewer base might feel a little off put, but if I was to do the 5 beers, 5 minutes trend it would fit more as I am a young adult/student and so fits into my "brand". Hopefully that explains it