1. A

    Trends and expectations of the viewers

    Hey all,hope you're all doing good, so I'm sorta new to the content creation side of YouTube and I'd love your valuable inputs on what expectations do you have as a viewer. Please fill in the form below Thankyou for your valuable time and input
  2. Courtney Candice

    Squiggly eyebrows

    I tried to make my eyebrows squiggly so I can be trendy and well I failed lol
  3. C

    How do you investigate trends on YouTube?

    It's something I have never done, but it occurred to me today that it might be beneficial to me if I at least sometimes made videos about food that were connected to some food trends. So, how do I go about this kind of research, and how do I filter for niches like cooking and food? Thanks.
  4. Oscar J Stones

    Video essay popularity

    Has anyone else noticed that, in the last 6 months or so, video essays have gone from a thing that only 5-6 channels really do, to almost flooding the market. I'm not necessarily complaining, I mean I myself started making them at around the same time, but the more channels I noticed pop up, the...
  5. Courtney Candice

    Squiggly eyebrows

    Squiggly eyebrows! My Eyebrows are on fleek
  6. jordanleech

    YouTube Video Trends?!

    Bit of a question here guys, do you or do you not think it is valuable to follow video trends e.g the floor is lava, 5 beers 5 minites etc. Would you only follow them if that is the way your channel is aimed or do you think its good to have a variety of content on your channel, something that...
  7. blacktigerpride

    New Youtube Trends?

    Does anyone know a YouTube trend that isn't just a rip-off from another one? Maybe a challenge or something I could do with a friend? My brain is fried at the moment and i can't think of anything on the top of my head.
  8. Quick Question

    Have I missed my chance? - Trends/Capitalizing

    I am not sure if anyone here follows rap trends/music. But recently a rap artist known as XXXTentacion got sucker punched by Rob Stone, another artist, and his crew on stage while he was performing. This happened a day or two ago and many video have been made (Short ones mostly just footage of...
  9. JoycelynsLife


    So I posted a video about fidget spinners yesterday. Fidget spinner was first invented in the 1990s, but popularised this year. Forbes published an article in 2016 about fidget spinners and how it's a must-have office toy for 2017. That's right, office toy, ya haters! jk <3 In March and...
  10. Lekjih

    Where do you find what's -really- trending?

    As the trending tab on YT is next to useless. Specifically, I'm thinking gaming. Is it the big YTers who set the trends or are they following someone/thing else? I've always been hopeless at following trends and it's now a relevant skill to my life xD
  11. Maarij Bashir

    How do you incorporate "trends" in your videos?

    I make music videos for my channel and I just wonder how do I incorporate trends in my videos? I know I could do a cover, but doing covers seems to be so saturated. Like if a big artist releases a song everyone starts doing a cover. Any ideas?
  12. Jbarker91

    YouTube Essentials for a Successful Channel (Beginner and Advanced)

    I wanted to put together this little resource for people to add to their tools for building YouTube channels. A lot of times I see people posting about the common “How to use YouTube Titles” or “Using the right Key Words” and “What Makes a Good Thumbnail”. Those are all valuable! However, I...