Least favorite YouTube trends?

Do you follow YouTube trends?

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The Cake Is a Lie!
I wanted to see what the YTtalk community thinks about YouTube trends. More specifically, the ones you guys really don't like. Thus, I made this thread.

My least favorite trend:
Meme Videos

Memes are funny. But it's annoying to me to see people just getting a clip from the Bee Movie, making it louder, and then posting it just to get 100,000+ views. I dunno, seeing these people doing practically nothing and getting that much response annoys me.​
I'd say the number of drama-related videos and ridiculous pranks are increasing rapidly and getting really annoying. The things people do for views is getting out of hand.... :eek:
It would most definitely be the diss tracks. They're pointless and are only made to get more views and money. No creativity, passion, or legitimacy is involved in the diss tracks or the people that make them. I'm looking at you Rice Boi.
Streaming game plays :) Maybe because I'm not playing at all. But I find such videos useless and their authors usually didnt put any effort into the video picture. All already was done by the game creators.