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Is there a way to find out key phrases or topics that are trending on YouTube, beside looking at the trending section?

I'd like to make some videos on topics that will generate more traffic but not sure how to find more buzz words, hot topics, what have you, besides googling 'whats trending on youtube' and looking at the trending section.

Any sites or ways that you find out what topics are hot?
I've seen a website once where this was shown. All trending topics and channels, etc. Too bad I forgot it... I bet someone on these forums will know it, so hopefully he will read this
One thing you can do is go to the youtube search bar and type in a single letter and see what shows up. Those are the most searched things that start with, say the letter a so they are trending topics. Unfortunately, they're mostly songs.
Yes, here are some sites:
I saw couple of small youtubers do a roast yourself challenge and got pretty good traffic! But it might be just a little old idk.