1. C

    Can you give me feedback on my video?

    Hello, I'm very interested in the topic of YouTube channel development, as well as the possibilities of earning money online and ideally making a living from it. I've launched my new channel through which I aim to achieve this and I would like to receive feedback, whether it's about the idea...
  2. OhioBoundGaming

    Awkward Talking

    Hey, sorry I am new to this but I have been doing youtube since January 2017 but am still awkward talking in front of the camera so will that ever go away?
  3. Wolven_ (Joe)

    Gaming Looking for 3-4 people to record a gaming Podcast with!

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for 3-4 people to do a weekly/wheneverly podcast with. You can main any gaming platform and play any games - the more diversity we have on it the better. Requirements -You should have a knowledge of the gaming community, recent games (including indie on...
  4. Tuskan

    RDT Podcast: My First Ever Podcast about No Man's Sky & Pokemon Uranium

    This was a long upload atleast people don't have to watch it but listen to it in a different window your welcome guys and gals here's the long awaited podcast.
  5. Puck Mitchell

    WHY: Get involved a new series begging the question why.

    So, I'm beginning my new series WHY: I will attempt to tackle any question thrown at me about anything! I edit gameplay however it serves as a backdrop if I talk about whatever else, in this episode I just answered the question as to why dark souls 3 is different, rambled a little but it was...
  6. Killerkat

    Commentary Tips?

    I'am a deadly shy person and can't say a word without being paranoid that one of my family can hear me talking to myself basically or that I'am going to mess up completely :( anybody have any tips to overcome shyness? or even just what to say? sorry for annoyance XD Thanks :)
  7. MapleStream

    MapleStream 4th Anniversary :D

    Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another video :) Watch me play Osu like a noob while I talk about 4 years of on and off video making hehe
  8. Curious World

    Entertaining commentary and personality

    It took me a while to pluck up the courage to do my own narration for my videos. I thought I'd hate the sound of my voice and editing the videos would drive me mad because I'd have to listen to my own southern English drawl over and over again. But after doing it for the first time, it wasn't so...
  9. mastorus

    What type of mic should I use?

    I make gaming videos with commentary (Which aren't very good, but I'll improve eventually) and I use a decent headset, but I was wondering if I should switch to a normal microphone. I'm not taking mic quality to a count, just wihch one would be better in general. And I'm not talking about which...
  10. doktornpro

    How do you just keep talking ?

    I am gonna make this short and simple. How do you keep talking on let's play videos and avoid silence ? I am speaking about solo videos, not co-op
  11. Ollusk

    Gaming Commentary

    I recently started YouTube and I want to make my gaming commentaries more interesting. What do people like to hear in a commentary? Any simple or big tips are great, just looking for feedback. Thanks.