1. I

    Changing channel direction, should I start from scratch?

    I have been posting content to my youtube channel for around 2 years, and am about to make a whole lot more videos more consistently. However, I was wondering if it is better that I start a new channel instead of use my current one. My main reason: I am looking to make more family friendly/less...
  2. T

    I finally want to start, but how? Equipment, Settings ect

    Hi Everyone :) My name is Tim, and I would like to finally start my YouTube Channel. I´d like to make a lifestyle channel, healthy cooking, urban gardening and things like that. Mostly, my videos will be in my kitchen. The kitchen is wide and I have a lot of space to move, it is at the...
  3. U

    starting youtube

    hello guys, so im looking to start a youtube channel but i dont even know where to begin? can anyone advise? id really appreciate it. :)
  4. blackknight404

    Gaming I am Looking for a partner/Collaborator to start a youtube channel ! [PC]

    Hi, I am blackknight404, a gamer who wants to start a (Gaming) Youtube Channel, but I would like to do this with someone, a partner/Collaborator (call that however you like). I will go straight to the point, I am 15, I live in California and I want someone around my age, boy or girl, and that...
  5. RelativeYTrends

    REstarting from ZERO is so good! (My story)

    I have a old gameplay channel that i decided to stop with 40k made in 4 years and a lot of active subscriber,but i felt that isn't my way i decided to do a little expirement with this new channel i'v opened..let me know what you think about my new start! :D Starting from zero is...
  6. Zaeehh

    When did you start your Youtube Channel

    As the title said, "When did you start your Youtube Channel". I started 1 year ago in July 4th
  7. artiflex

    You are DYING! - Stop following the Rat Race

    You are DYING! - Stop following the Rat Race After you were born life flashes before your eyes. From the moment you were born you were dying. You are getting older and every second that passes by is a second that you can't take back. The problem is that we live like we have a million years to...
  8. E

    Getting Started - Help?

    So recently i have had thoughts about setting up a proper channel and starting to vlog. But i realise i habe completely no idea what i am doing. So i ask for help, a few pointers on how to get the basics grasped. Like editing and equipment and stuff like that...