Getting Started - Help?


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So recently i have had thoughts about setting up a proper channel and starting to vlog.
But i realise i habe completely no idea what i am doing.
So i ask for help, a few pointers on how to get the basics grasped.
Like editing and equipment and stuff like that...
Getting started:

The basics:
  • Get a channel set up with a good username (Really think this one over because you will be stuck with it)
  • Make a profile on the most popular socail media sites (twitter, facebook, snapchat, instagram, etc.) using that username. Even if you don't plan on using them right now it will make things easier later
  • On your YouTube and the social media sites you plan on using set up a profile pic, bio, banner, etc. I suggest as a tool to make your banner it is super easy to use and free.
  • Get a spiral notebook and a pen or pencil
  • Write on the front cover of the notebook "YouTube Video Ideas"
  • Write any ideas you have for YouTube or anything YouTube related in this notebook
  • Keep it handy where you film and easy to find

The important part is knowing how to use your camera. It is less about what camera you use and more about what you can do with it. Think about what works best for you, if you are on the go travelling a ton out and about your cell phone might be your best bet. If you need camera recommendations I use the Sony Rx100 iii and love it but is ~$800 new. In the past I used the panasonic zs25 it is around $200 and I think they make a newer model. You can't go wrong with looking at amazons best selling digital cameras: amazon. com/Best-Sellers-Electronics-Digital-Cameras/zgbs/electronics/281052
(remove the space between the amazon. and com)

A tripod is important just buy one that you like. Portability is important if you going to be moving it around a lot get something lighter if not get something heavier if you wish. Also selfie sticks are cool they can be used as monopods and are great for vlogging and they are cheap.

Lighting just natural lighting. Use lamps around your house and brighten up your room whenever you film. If you know how you can change the colors and make the lighting better in editing. If you have the money and space I suggest buying a lighting kit with soft boxes, but that doesn't have to be your main concern when starting out.

For editing I recommend Adobe Premiere Elements. It is only $80 one time fee if you are a student and you also get photoshop too for thumbnails. Easy to use and has guided and easy modes. Adobe is a trusted name and there are tons of tutorials on YouTube on how to use it. However, if you can't afford you can download tons of software legally for free. Windows has windows movie maker and mac has imovie. But there are tons of other software there. Lightworks is one of them. Just google legally free editing software and you will find some.

Most importantly. JUST MAKE VIDEOS. Once you have your equipment and your channel set up I would say just go for it even if you don't know what you are doing. I spent one year reading articles, watching videos, and going on this fourm to learn about being a YouTuber and I never posted a video. Don't make my mistake!!

YouTube is a weird and crazy place I don't think any YouTuber knows what they are doing anymore.