1. Maarij Bashir

    Music Looking for METALCORE vocalist collaboration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. SeanFace101

    My Friends Singing Paulo Nutini Candy (With Guitar Playing)

    DJ & Wiggy Playing Guitar & Singing Paulo Nutini Candy! :dance: This is a video of Derek Semple (DJ) and Stephen Docherty (Wiggy) from Castlemilk, Glasgow, Scotland. They are signing Candy by Paulo Nutini and DJ is playing the guitar too. The person to the left in the video is Rick Mail, my...
  3. ZandraVictoria

    Music Singing Collab

    WELL. I am looking for someone to do singing collabs with me. I sometimes just do videos where I talk about certain topics, so I can also use your instrumentals for the back track. If you have any other ideas then PLEASE SHARE :)
  4. Cromartie

    5K Sub Milestone (Colors of the Wind Cover)

    A "Colors of the Wind" cover that doubles as a "road to 5k" video with lyrics fitting to my channel. Awesome instrumental remade from scratch by Liam Chambers. Been finally diversifying as much as I can in 2016, albeit much to the confusion of my subs as this is at 1K views in a week vs. the...
  5. TV Harmonies

    Can't Stop The Feeling! Cover from Animations Trolls

    Hey guys would love some feedback on this! Just posted today please let me know any feedback on how to improve it any way ! Thank you all so much
  6. RyanSoanes

    Music Vocalist & Guitarist seeking collab

    Hey guys, the title kind of speaks for its self but I am looking to collab with some people. I tried to link my videos for you all to see but it wouldn't let me, if you are interested in seeing what you would be working with get in contact with me :) I am happy to do anything acoustic or...
  7. NickoTalks

    *LOST STARS* Adam Levine Cover

    Hello! Today I finally decided to upload a cover to YouTube - I started on SoundCloud at the start of the year but, from multiple friends, was told to branch onto YouTube and here I am! Back at it again with the YouTube Videos! It's not my best but I'm certainly very happy with it! Make sure...
  8. smithgirl86

    Crystal Smith Singing Skyfall By Adele

    There's a new cover up on my channel and It's one of my favorite songs to sing! :singing2:
  9. smithgirl86

    Singing Hello by Adele

  10. Marc_Covers

    COVERSONG: Ed Sheeran - Don't by Marc Covers

    Hello YTTALK :) I wanted to take the opportunity to show of one of my coversongs on my youtube channel. I sing don't by ed sheeran which is one of my absolute favourte tracks at the moment. It just got that right vibe to sing :) I would be grateful if you leave a comment or maybe like/share...
  11. K

    Looking for Talent

    Hey Guys, :redface: I have a youtube channel and my latest project is to make a series promoting talented creative people. :dance: So I thought I would make a post on here (where people are obviously interested in music!) Obviously I can’t pay you but I will feature your work, and any details...
  12. Omeo

    Bursting into Song

    Hey, guys. I'm planning on launching a channel later this year and, although I don't want my channel to be gaming-focused, I DO plan on doing some gaming. Now, I'm the kind of person who randomly bursts into song when something reminds me of a song, so I can see myself doing that a lot when...
  13. Ohgoditskeith

    My Instagram Covers - Pop music

    Hey Guys !! Here's a few of my newest covers from my Instagram ! Please tell me what you think and yeah hope you enjoy :):)
  14. Ohgoditskeith

    My Instagram Covers - Pop Music

    Hey Guys !! Here's a few of my newest covers from my Instagram ! Please tell me what you think and yeah hope you enjoy :):)
  15. Ohgoditskeith

    Random Pop Covers - Sam Smith- Jessie J

    HERES SOME RANDOM POP COVERS !!! Pls chk it out quick and leave some feedback :redface:
  16. C

    Music Singer(s) for "I'll make a Man out of you!" Parody!

    Hello y'all. I have come up with a fantastic parody for the great song, "I'll Make a Man out of You" known from the Disney Classic Mulan. I am looking for singers as I'd love to do it myself but I just suck at singing. So if you got a decent voice and want to make a fun parody of this song...
  17. Cromartie

    Music 3K Channel needs female vocalist for "Jan" for cover of Grease's "Mooning"

    This will be an animated music video and a sequel to my project “Turnabout Booty.” It catches up with Blu in prison where she sings a cover of Mooning to a fellow inmate. Need someone to record the vocals for Jan to my Roger. Amount of subscribers doesn't matter to me, I'm just interested in...
  18. Bethanyjbee

    Shut Up and Dance - COVER - Walk The Moon

    I really love this song so I thought I'd cover it! I hope I did it justice!
  19. A

    Music Country Singing Cover

    I need someone a little younger to sing a country song with me on my channel! Youtube is Mia Maring!