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Hey Guys, :redface:

I have a youtube channel and my latest project is to make a series promoting talented creative people. :dance: So I thought I would make a post on here (where people are obviously interested in music!)

Obviously I can’t pay you but I will feature your work, and any details you want included i.e a link to your blog or twitter/youtube etc. The whole point in this is to showcase talent, bring awareness to the arts and to help peoples work get noticed.

If you are interested you can email me ( with your name and art form and I will get back to you shortly!

Thank you for taking the time to read this :bounce:
I admire any dedication to art and showcasing it to a wider audience! In fact, that's where I would love to direct my channel when I have an audience so I can slowly move away from weird sketch comedy and into a broader spectrum of different artistic projects, even different series where I could interview artists and bands of what inspires them to carve their own path and what they stand for - and even shout-outs in a similar way to what you are doing.

While my new channel is getting off it's feet with 6-3 year old re-uploads of episodes lost to a previous account through forgotten passwords, there is a brand new music track and video I made that will be uploaded on monday that I'm proud as chips of, not only as it's the first video we have done in years, but also because it's completely new ground to what we are used to - and I want to keep challenging myself and the audience.

It's called "Spaghetti Bl*wj*b Tornado, and it features pot noodle puppets going insane on bleach.

Good luck with your channel!
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