1. CashFlow

    Getting Videos/Clips for my Youtube Channel ? ? ?

    Hello guys, i want to create my own youtube video game highlights channel, and i wonder how can i get all these clips and videos to make game highlights. or how these guys get clips who run some big youtube game higlights channels. im new to youtube so i dont know many things yet. any advice...
  2. Nebhead


    Hey guys! Just wanted to share a quick 30 second clip from the For Honor Beta that I had lying around. I hope you guys enjoy!
  3. terror569

    Where am I? [short clip]

    Made just a short clip while I had time at home. It has something deeper in it. Thanks for watching. Cheers
  4. O

    thumbnail from video

    Does anyone have any advice as to whether it's better to have my youtube video's thumbnail from something in the video that is seen within say 30-1:00 vs choosing a thumbnail from a clip in my video that's from the end of the video? Does it help with views if the thumbnail represents something...
  5. SeanFace101

    Is it possible to add intro / endings to existing videos?

    Is it possible to add an intro lasting a few seconds to the start of one of my videos that is already uploaded to my channel without needing to make a video version of it and re-upload it? or, same question, but with and ending add to the video without needing to upload a new one?
  6. K

    Looking for Talent

    Hey Guys, :redface: I have a youtube channel and my latest project is to make a series promoting talented creative people. :dance: So I thought I would make a post on here (where people are obviously interested in music!) Obviously I can’t pay you but I will feature your work, and any details...