Music 3K Channel needs female vocalist for "Jan" for cover of Grease's "Mooning"


Loving YTtalk
This will be an animated music video and a sequel to my project “Turnabout Booty.” It catches up with Blu in prison where she sings a cover of Mooning to a fellow inmate. Need someone to record the vocals for Jan to my Roger. Amount of subscribers doesn't matter to me, I'm just interested in good quality. :bounce:

For reference, it'll be the version in this key (Google watch?v=7ov0nyR1vjs) she comes in for the first time around the 40 second mark.

If you think you'll be able to help, feel free to contact me by PM or business inquiry e-mail and we can get together on the instrumental. This project won't be out for a long while (sometime in 2016) but I would like to get a start on it now as it'll be awhile to animate. ;)

Thanks for reading! Anymore questions let me know.