self promotion

  1. C

    Does Call to action help your channel?

    Hey so I wanted to ask the community if call to action helps your channel, like does this increase subscriber and viewer count? or is this another tactic of just asking for subscribers?
  2. C

    marketing books y'all recommend?

    So I've been reading some marketing books, and I wanted to ask the community if y'all recommend any other marketing books.
  3. ohlucio

    Self promotion

    Hey guys, How do you promote yourselves and your channel when you don't have much views and subscribers? I tried to share my videos to Google plus, Facebook and Twitter, but it does not work well because I don't have enough followers in my social network. I am wondering how did you do this to...
  4. Sammi

    How do I promote myself without social media?

    I stopped using twitter years ago since it was filled with people from high school who I don't even talk to, and I don't feel comfortable posting to facebook because a lot of my family members are on there and my content isn't always family friendly. Right now I only promote my videos on my...
  5. The Clark Knight

    Ways to Advertise Your Channel

    Does anyone have any ways online they advertise there channel that has been effective for them? I've looked into sites like tumblr, twitter and reddit, but that doesn't seem to be too effective. All advice welcome (:
  6. The Black Mastadonte

    How often do you promote?

    Hey guys. I had a simple question for you all. If you're like me, you get antsy in that short period of time where you do not make videos. In that short period of time I think about sharing old videos across the web, self promoting, etc. So I wanted to know, how often do you promote your...
  7. SwaggyIndian

    Self Promotion in the comments section.

    What do you guys think about self promotion in the comments section. Is a little bit ok. How about promotion on a channel that makes similar content as you. Does it help grow a channel or hurt a channel more.
  8. Peewee Cinemas

    Good Places to Promote Your New Channel?

    I was just wondering if there are any sites out there that would boost channel growth or at least give a video some more views, especially for new channels. I know about a lot of the social medias like facebook and twitter but, you know, I have no friends, or more like I just started my accounts...
  9. Anjim

    Spam Or No Spam

    Welcome Yttalk To Anjim's Spam or No Spam (Deal Or No Deal parody)! Today Youtube spam comment is from my gaming channel!it comes from Alpha Records and HK Gaming. Here is the info Alpha Records wants me too use their music but I am not a music channel I am a gaming channel. If I use...
  10. Techy

    I don't get promotion

    Hello, I've done a lot of research on how to youtube (~6h) Still I don't get how do I promote myself. This is where I currently am: Facebook- I simply don't want to reveal my private facebook acc Twitter- I've 85 followers (a lot of bots, twitter plague ), but when I tweeted that I just did a...
  11. Jordan Pike

    Self-promoting under multiple accounts...

    So recently I noticed a kid with a new vlogging channel that has been self-promoting in a lot of the top travel vlogging channels. He makes a comment thanking the YouTuber for the inspiration to start his own channel, and then he logs onto the same three accounts every day and gives his own...
  12. Razz_

    Grow my channel by YouTube Ads?

    so some people say it is a good way to jump start your channel and possibly get more subs and views and tbh that is actually how i found out about markiplayer when he had less then 1MIL in subs. but anyway i was wondering from any experienced youtubers out there if this is possibly a good idea...