1. V

    Music Underground Artists - Suggestions/Promotions

    Anyone know any good underground artists/producers I can listen to ? Any genre is fine. Also if you make music yourself, link me some of your songs and I'll post them on Vagrant Music (upcoming YT channel) . . . Vagrant Music - Music Promotions
  2. GameCable

    Trendy 10 Chart & you choose the songs on it! (Monday 22/10/2018)

    Hi guys, I thought it be cool if we could create a chart/video series of the trendiest songs. It will start on 22/10/2018 (The 1st video will be uploaded on 22/10/2018). Its simple: (Voting starts 2Day) 1. I'll list all the top songs in the world right now. 2. You vote. 3. We'll create 5 polls...
  3. The3rdFace

    Music Producer / Sound-Engineer for Long Time Collab

    Hey guys The next 2 years will be a LOT of work for me, but I also have a lot of material! My main problem to release music at the moment is solely the mixing and mastering. While basic mastering can be handled by plug-ins, the mixing should be hand-made. I'm looking for a passionate Sound-Tech...
  4. Fox Beat

    [No Copyright Rock Alternative Music] Not Quite Generic - TeknoAxe

  5. WhoahItsAnthony

    Music Singer Needed for Panic! At the Disco Cover

    I am trying to make a cover of the song "Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time." I make all of my instrumentals myself so copywrite won't be an issue. If you are interested, I will require that you provide me with a sample of your voice (just record yourself singing the chorus and email it to me)...
  6. OfficialJackThomas

    Music Looking for other artists to collaborate on a song with

    Hey my names Jack Thomas and I run a YouTube channel with around 4500 subscribers right now. I was wondering if anyone on here would be interested in collaborating on a song together. I'm looking for any singer or rapper because I have tons of song ideas so I can be flexible on what genre we do...
  7. GiBrIs07

    Audio + Image for music channel Feedback

    Hey people, I've had a channel on YT long ago. I never really cared about it that much, but lately I'm committed to change that. I'm a musician (That's what I try to be haha) thus most of my videos are related to this topic though I have some random videos too. I myself consider audio on my...
  8. Pat Laveau

    Music Someone who can Sing? 80s Pop

    Hey there, i got some 80s Pop Style Songs but no singer who`s able to sing those Songs. May im interested in making a colab for a new youtube channel. My part is the music, your part is to sing and maybe writing the lyrics. For the Video im open to everything but thinking in a 80s Pop-Rock...
  9. Rahi Official

    Stay together for the kids! WAIT FOR THE SOLO!!

    One of my favourite song. Decided to add a solo to spice things up. In the original track there is nothing. Let me know what do you guys think about it. And any Blink182 fans here??? :)
  10. Jesse Palacios

    Music Looking for other Musicians to Collab with!

    Hey, Well I am new here, but I joined to be a part of a community of YouTubers and to make new friends. In short I am looking for people to collab with on YouTube with music. I play guitar and sing. I do mostly rock, country and pop from John Mayer to Johnny Cash. I have two channels, one...
  11. Kush Patel

    Music Trying to Start a Music Review Channel!

    Hey YT Talk! My name is Kush and I have and idea for a new YouTube channel. So from as far as I can remember, I have been a fan of music since forever. I will listen to anything Rap, Metal, Rock, Country, EDM, and almost anything else. So being a fan of music, I am also critical of all music...
  12. Monolith Music And Games

    Just hit 100 subs!!! Where should I go from here?

    I had just hit 100 subscribers the other day (I'm at a whopping 107 now) and I can't helpe but ask... where should I go from here? I've been streaming a lot of video games lately, and that's been a decently big increase in views and a huge increase in subscribers and my own little community. I...
  13. Elaine Yu

    Music Any drummers here for collab?

    Hi, I'm Elaine Yu and I play the piano. I currently have 233 subs and I'm thinking of doing a collab with a drummer and a different singer. I'm waiting for Green Day's Revolution Radio album to be released and then I'll see if I can pick out a song from there. If not, I'll choose a different...
  14. Elaine Yu

    Music Looking for a singer in their teens/early twenties for 9/11 tribute song

    The collab will be on The Sound Of Silence. I made a piano cover of it on my channel, Elaine Yu (red button below) and it'd be great if someone could sing the lyrics over it. But I don't know how to make a split screen video and I also want the audio to be equal between the piano and voice. So...
  15. Boomslang

    Music video by SERKEIDIAN “Change”

    Hi I am hoping you can all take a look at my best friends band channel, they have just released there first Video and I am just hoping that you all will enjoy and leave a like and comment :) Please give feedback to them on the comments section :) note not royalty free music.
  16. PetteriHorn

    drumPete - Drumming videos!

    Hey guys! I'm kind of new here in the forums, just purchased my first VIP package. But let's get to the point! I'm posting drumming videos, mostly covers for songs I personally like, but also shots from my band's gigs or just practicing my own material. I have also created one "Tribute" video...