Music Looking for other Musicians to Collab with!

Jesse Palacios

New Member

Well I am new here, but I joined to be a part of a community of YouTubers and to make new friends. In short I am looking for people to collab with on YouTube with music. I play guitar and sing. I do mostly rock, country and pop from John Mayer to Johnny Cash. I have two channels, one personal one where I post everything and one promotional one for mostly music. I made my 2nd channel (the mostly music one) just recently but the first few videos are old videos from 4-6 years ago. The more recent uploads are from this past year where I have improved since my first videos. I started uploading new ones there just recently. My main channel I have had since 2009 and it has old videos as well as the new ones. I update both channels often with mostly music.

Anyways, if anyone is interested please let me know! I wish to form friendships in the YouTube community.