1. huntermourad

    Request Team Members For A Narration Project

    Hello, everyone, my Name Is Mourad and I'm working on a narration project and I need a team to help me make it consistently in this request a need the help of 3 people with talents that are willing to help me make daily content on this project. the project is going to be broken down into 5...
  2. F

    Request New Youtuber and Twitch streamer looking for Music, Logo and Channel Art

    I am just getting started with streaming on twitch, as well as uploading to youtube. and I am looking for a logo and channel art to make my channel stand out. Logo: I am looking for a logo that fits my channel name. Something that has a farmer in it. I am ok with spending a little as long as...
  3. JazzChicken87

    Request YT Banner

    **update** Ive had my own attempt which I somewhat like but could be better. Attached are the images I used. The character is trapped in a place filled with tvs so I went with that. I like the glitch image of myself as the character so I would like to keep that if possible. Do what you like with...
  4. I

    Request New Channel Icon

    If someone would be willing to do a drippy eyes cartoon icon for me that I could use for YouTube and my other social media, I would be very appreciative! Ideally this would be free if possible, but can offer up to $6 YTtalk cash because that’s all I’ve got. I can give a tutorial for what I’m...
  5. C

    Finished/Closed Help!

    Sorry if this is not supposed to be here I am new to the forums but my channel art won't upload I tried so many things if one of you can fix it and resend the fixed image that would make my day!
  6. C

    Feature request: YouTube Shopping, Patreon-killer, Paypal-killer

    I have tried to push these feature requests over the past decade on the YouTube forum/blog but it seems YouTube is either lazy or somehow my ideas are stupid? I hope somehow there is a way to convince YouTube to implement these ideas soon, do you have contacts to YouTube product managers so they...
  7. DocTheDuck

    Request I'm Looking For Someone to Make Me A Logo

    Hey I'am looking to have someone make me a logo my channel is DocTheDuck so maybe have it have to do with a duck? or maybe just the letter D ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) its up to the person making it I can't really pay for it though depending on how much I like it I may be able to pay via steam items? but if...
  8. Dauglybutcool21

    Request Lookin for a banner for my youtube page

    I am looking for a YouTube banner for my channel. I will only pay with Yttalk cash or for free. I would like either one of the two. A classic cool word name spelled DAUGLYBUTCOOL 21. or a collage of video games with my channel name ( the same one in this thread). if you are willing to do this...
  9. D

    Request Gaming intro for YouTube (free)

    I am in need of a intro for my YouTube gaming channel that will display my gamer tag "Diabolical Ally"
  10. D

    Request Looking for youtube logo and banner!

    hey im looking for some one who can make me a youtube banner and logo i cant pay you but i can give you shoutouts on my channel.
  11. D

    Request Looking for a youtube intro

    hi there im a new youtuber wanting to make videos sadly im no good with intro's. so im looking for someone who is willing to make me one: sadly i can not pay you since im a student and i do not earn money via youtube so if anyone is willing to make one for freehit me up andy details needed plz...
  12. Quirkypoo

    Request Free Youtube Icon Please!!

    Hey Guys, I've made a YouTube cover art for myself but I'm rubbish at trying to make a YouTube channel icon to match! If someone could possibly make an icon that is kind of similar to the one I have now but blends in nicely with my YouTube cover I'd be super happy! You get to draw a picture of...
  13. J

    Request Wanting new banner and logo! [Free Please]

    Hey guys my name is Varen and im looking for some one who can make me a banner and logo.All credit will be in shoutouts via video! This is also a very new channel since I have a old one. Hope to work with you! Twitter:@TheRealVivio Instagram:@VarenMoe
  14. AshtheMonster

    Request Intro and Outro Song & Jingle?

    I've always wanted a outro and intro jingle for my channel. Especially something with ukulele (if you know how to play ukulele you have basically won my heart already). In return, I can offer a very generous shout out to your channel including links, end screen, and putting you in my featured...
  15. Elpixion

    Request I need a intro with music

  16. V

    Request Chill Music

    Hey everyone! If anyone is a music producer I am looking for some chill music to put in my outros, I will link you in the description :D
  17. I

    Request Looking for a new CUSTOM profile picture, banner and outro for youtube

    Yes I am looking for a CUSTOM profile picture, banner, and outro for my youtube channel! My payment will be csgo/tf2/dota 2 keys OR steam games. I mainly want to communicate on discord but ill be down for skype. If we are just typing then steam chat it is! Before we get down do business I want...
  18. Stertrix

    Request Looking for a Profile Picture [$10 YTtalk Cash]

    Hey I'm looking for someone to make me a custom profile picture for YouTube. My channel is based around gaming so it could be anything possibly nothing to do with gaming because I've seen YouTuber's such as VanossGaming, Jacksepticeye, etc. with profile pictures not related to gaming. I'm...
  19. Jackpat02rules

    Finished/Closed Channel Banner and Logo

    Hello, I am looking for a skilled artist who can do art for Pokémon and Team Fortress 2. Included below are pictures but I need to explain what I want. What I offer: In return for the art, I am offering a few different things as I can't pay money. I will put credit in all videos descriptions...
  20. T

    Request Request Requesting for a new Channel banner and Avatar.

    Hello i'm here because I am looking for someone here who could make me a channel banner and Avatar for my channel. Now if you check out my channel most of my videos are based on like yugioh and some other games and I was hoping to get a banner based on what I am play unless you have a better...
  21. Style Child

    Review my Best Video???

    Hi YTTalk, Before i request a review, im going to give you some context and backstory to the video as i feel like its quite important to understanding the video. When i make my videos i tend to do them in one sitting. So they reflect whatever i am feeling at the time, a sort of visual diary...
  22. Hiper115

    Request Need intro,outro,music for both,banner and channel icon (money depends on quality)

    Hello, everyone! As the title says, I need an intro, outro, music for both, banner and channel icon! I would prefer it to be for free, but if it's the most amazing thing I've ever seen, then we can talk about payments. On my channel I do gaming and my channel name is spelt Hiper but pronounced...
  23. vCadge

    Request Banner and/or Icon needed!

    Hey, im Cadge... I do pranks, skits and other pour my soul into editing :crying: I DESPERATELY need some channel art and am willing to pay depending on the quality. Send me some examples or contact me on Skype @ irbyhl and i'll talk to you! Thanks xD
  24. Ruben & Natividad

    Request Looking for someone to design an intro for my vlog channel! ($50)

    I am currently looking for someone to design an intro for my vlogging channel and I am willing to pay $50 paypal, Western Union, or I'll send it to your account from my bank account! First I would like you to take a look at my channel, and it is called Ruben & Natividad. Look at the two recent...
  25. DeejPlays

    Request I need a good channel art (free)

    Hi! I need a nice channel art. Here's the details. I am a gaming youtuber (mostly minecraft) Can u make me some kind of cartoonish minecraft channel art? Something like dantdm's. (image is attached). also with a few cool minecraft characters fighting etc. Thank you!
  26. Zacklovesbooks

    Request Intro and end card needed,

    Hey, I would love a custom designed intro and end card to match each other. I'm willing to pay 10-20 YTtalk cash,( we can talk about the exact amount later),which depends on the quality,and if you are accepting to the payment) Skype: Zaquira Cartagena Email: Other please ask...
  27. UndergroundSeries

    Request Intro Request - $3 Paypall

    Hey I am looking for someone who can make a paid intro for me 2D, or 3D. I would like a intro that has - Some action in it, use your creativity - Music with no copyright - 10 SEC Max Duration - MP4 format - File size not larger than 1GB - My logo in it (transparant, or fits in the backround) I...
  28. WeirdWolf

    Gaming Looking for enthusiastic Gamers to collaborate!

    Hello everyone, my name is WeirdWolf and i am looking for people to collab in future videos! Going to tell you the requirements/details first, then some stuff about me, including games i have in mind What type of videos? My previous collab videos have been both montages of funny moments ranging...
  29. JustinJoubert

    Request In search of a banner for my channel (free)

    Looking for someone who could do me a solid by making me a banner for my YouTube channel. My post will consist mostly of topics regarding lgbt and sometimes some random/funny videos looking for a banner that could be a mix between. My twitter handle is @JustinJoubert6 and my email address is...
  30. faXcooL

    Machinima - unlink request

    I assume I'm not the only one who asked this, probably I won't be the last one either, but I wanna know if anyone has any experience with unlinking from Mahcinima? I was trying to reach them out, sent a ticket, some guy answered to me saying that he has let those guys know that I'm trying to...