1. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Make A Video Private on YouTube 2019 - Hide A YouTube Video

    How To Make A YouTube Video Private After Uploading 2019 - Looking to hide your video? Make a public video private so no one can see it? // In this YouTube tutorial I will teach you how to make your YouTube videos private. This is to hide old videos or remove videos that you feel are no longer...
  2. Laitz

    13/15/16 vs 45/60/70 - GF

  3. Laitz


  4. V

    Youtube suggests unlisted videos to other people.

    Hello. Recently I uploaded a very scandalous interview recording to youtube and set it to "unlisted" for a very small number of people to see. (22 people ended up seeing this video) Soon I found out from my friends, (who never received my unlisted interview link) that this interview video was...
  5. Darren Taylor

    Private to Public Video Publishing

    Hey guys, Normally I publish my videos straight away, but sometimes I think I missed something in the description, or I want to wait until a time my subscribers are online. Does publishing "private" then making "public" have any negative implications? I know getting views quickly is part of...
  6. Hashtag10

    Probably a dumb question.

    Hey guys. i'm relatively new on youtube and i wanna ask you how do i set my subscribers number to private so no one can see how few subs i have? :))) for the moment.... Thanks. :D
  7. MisterJDiggidy


    There is a private message feature on YouTube, and I was wondering, do a lot of people use/even know about this? I've sent messages before on this, and have never really got an answer or anything. If you don't know where or what it is, go to
  8. Sevrax

    Subscribers private or public?

    I'm starting to believe that people will not subscribe to a small channel even if they like its content. Do you think not showing my subscribers would help? Or would it be even worse?
  9. iimjoeyy

    What if i don't want someone to see my channel?

    My friend doesn't want his mom to see his video's because he feels it would cause issues and he is a new video creator. We tried the blocking but it looks like she could still see the channel. Any idea's?
  10. Rails2Revolution

    Getting Permission To Film

    So, Short version: Does anyone know the proper way to ask a property owner for permission to film on their premise? Especially with the intention of doing so repeatedly in the future. So far we haven't had any luck. Long version: We've started heading down the sketch comedy route for one of...
  11. doktornpro

    A question about uploading videos

    Hello, i have uploaded over 100 videos on youtube but i always used to upload them set to public , with only a few exceptions, but i recently made about 30 vids which are ready for uploading , and i would like to upload them all in one day but schedule the. to become public on different dates so...